We had the good fortune of connecting with Astoria Stubbs and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Astoria, how has your work-life balance changed over time?
Is there really work life balance? I mean we say that so loosely but in actuality can it really ever be balanced. I like to think of it as work life integration. To be honest I use to really think I could balance it all, and I tried for a while until I realize other things would get left out or looked over and not get priority when needed. Over the past few years I have gotten better at integrating work and life together. I actually schedule time to be with friends and family even if its during a work trip. Like last summer I had to be in San Jose for work for a few days so I invited my girl friends and we enjoyed Napa and San Francisco for a few days after I was done with work.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
As a Hairstylist I get to make hair my canvas and I love to create new things with it. Last year I was apart of a lot of photo shoots, and commercials where I  was able to spotlight my creativity using  textures and also be the spotlight in a few commercials. I’m most proud and excited that to be a brand ambassador for Great Clips. I’m literately a real stylist working in the salon but also the person a customer sees when they go to the Great Clips website. I get to education on a national level for them in different markets and connect with so many other stylist in the industry. I’m proud to be that brown girl role model for others in the industry. It seems simple but in actuality you know companies normally hire actors to do stuff like this not real stylist. The common miss conception is that its easy and you make it look so much fun! I mean it is fun but it’s also exhausting, constant travel and then always being on, smiling connecting, building all while being relatable. I man show season is busy, you fly in the night before (hopefully with out delays you know airports) get all the supplies, set up the booth, prepare if you are teaching a class the next day and then the next morning your up early to be already at the booth ready to go when the show starts. Its a long day or days depending on the show and then you have to take-down the booth and make sure everything is shipped back and then fly out the next day or sometimes that same night.

I have definitely learned how to take a day to regroup and not to over book myself because different time zones will wear your body down. What I would want the world to know about my personal brand is its ever evolving and growing. which it should because nothing really stays the same. But at its core the mission is still the same to build awareness of texture hair and help people love and understand it no matter who they are.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
As a local Houstonian I pride myself on loving and knowing my city well. If I could plan a weekend for a friend,  I love a good StayCation in the city so we would probably stay at whatever hotel i haven’t stayed at yet which the next one on the list is Hotel Alessandra. On Friday we would definitely do lunch at Sunshine’s (im not vegan but its the best food hands down and everyone has to experience it), then get ready for a night out at Alley Kat Bar. Saturday would be brunch at Abouz’y and then day drinking in the city, catch a movie at the roof top cinema ( hopefully a spike lee joint – I  love that they play old movies there). Sunday would be chill possibly hangout in Hermann park near the Japanese Garden or hit the Menil Collection. Eat a Lucille’s and catch the live band, and we would defiantly have to get dessert at Crumbville in Third Ward Best vegan cookies and desserts ever!! Houston has so my things to do I mean you can pretty much just go outside and you will happen upon something unique and interesting because its such a melting pop of culture and people.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I have to give credit to my Tribe which I refer to as the people in my Garden. I say garden because we all planted seeds in the same place although we are all in different spaces we water and toil each other to make sure our seeds sprout. We are so support of each other but also give each other the real no chasers. Two people that are in this garden that have really been amazing are Landi Spearman (Landi & Co) and Kevia Jones (Spiritual Strategist), Its amazing how we are all now in this season of winning in our own lanes but still rocking and supporting each other.

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