We had the good fortune of connecting with Jasmine Wallace and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jasmine, let’s talk legacy – what do you want yours to be?
Growing up I use to always get asked, “What do you want people to remember about you”? It took me a while to figure it out because initially my only response would be, “I just want people to remember me as the woman who did great things in life”. I had no clue what exactly I wanted to leave behind nor how I wanted to impact those who were around me. However, when I started thinking about the word legacy and how powerful that word really means I started to think a little deeper on what exactly I wanted my legacy to be like. I absolutely love pouring into the lives of people, especially young people. Whether it’s financially, spiritually, educationally, socially, or emotionally; I tend to do everything I can to help shape the lives of those who are coming up behind me. I want to make pathways for young women to be a better version of themselves daily; guiding them to become wonderful business women, educators, dancers, and most importantly women after God’s own heart. I want to make pathways for those teenagers who are in the foster care system who may believe there is nothing out here in this world for them but countless disappointments. As an educator for Elementary students, I want to leave programs, tools, and ideas for educators who’s coming up behind me and even those who are before me. Also, Implementing and creating programs for our SPED (Special Education) students to succeed. I want to make pathways for dancers in the Worship Arts community to launch the creativity that lies within them. I want to leave something that my future children can benefit from and even after I’m gone, it will still make changes around the nations. During this lifetime, I would love to be remembered as the woman who inspired many while remaining humbled, kind, and compassionate to those who were around her. Most importantly I want to be remembered by the women who always loved and kept God first in everything I did.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
For the past few years I’ve been honored to pour into people through my gift of Mime and Praise Dancing. Out of all my accomplishments thus far, I can truly say I am very proud and excited that I decided to dedicate a huge portion of my life into being a dancer and also teaching dance. It hasn’t always been easy in fact, I remember there was a season when I wanted to quit. Not because my heart necessarily wanted to but because I was just so worn out at a young age and things started to become a routine for me that my passion was slowly dying. I went through a phase where I felt inadequate, and started believing things about myself that weren’t true. I had to get into that posture of changing how I speak, walk, and interact, so that my bad would turn into good. I had to realize that when I change my language, my life would change too. I had to shift my mindset and remember the purpose that was placed over my life. One of the biggest things that helps me today is always asking myself this question….”If you quit now, who’s life is going to be impaired”? That question always reminds me of all the people that follow behind me. I’ve learned many things in my 24 years of living so far. One thing I’ve learned is to never forget your “why”. I started dancing because it brings peace and joy into my life. Anytime I felt anxious I would dance and spend time with God and things would shift. I started dancing around Houston at different events, and places because I saw how the gift that was given to me was changing the lives of others. Encouraging them in their walks uplifts me. Finally, I started teaching because I would see evidence that the gift that was given to me was shaping young minds, young creatives, and young dancers. I just recently launched an organization called Dear Young Dancers…An organization where young female dancers receive love, support, and sisterhood from one another. It has only been about two months and I get reminded of my why each day as they are telling me about their aspirations, dreams, and everyday life. It’s so heartwarming!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I truly love the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child”. It takes a village for someone to accomplish their dreams. I strongly believe that behind every great success, there was either a person, group, organization, or even book that helped me get to where I am today. So on behalf of all my successes thus far I’d like to shout out FIRSTLY God. That guy really knew what he was doing when He created me. Although there were moments when I questioned him and tried to take my own route, He always knew the path I needed to take. He’s the real MVP! Secondly, I can’t go without shouting out my parents (Ebony & Tarren Wallace) who trained me to be the woman that I am today right alongside with my Godparents (Ed and Marilyn Johnson). To all the teachers that poured into me whether it was at school, church, or at a conference/workshop… thank you! I am the teacher that I am today because your lessons stuck with me throughout the years. Every encouraging word, every tip, every mentorship really did help shape my growth. Books like The Queen Code by Shalondria Taylor, The Amazing Weight by Marissa Farrow, and You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr really allowed me to continue walking on the path that I’m on. They are really some amazing books to read. My story doesn’t just include me…I wouldn’t be able to do all these amazing things without the amazing people who are connected to me. Because I win, we all win. They sowed good things into my life so I believe it will always turn around and good things will happen for them. I love you guysssss!

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