We had the good fortune of connecting with Sarah Hoffman and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Sarah, what habits do you feel helped you succeed?
The most important habit that has helped me succeed is my “get it done” attitude. I think of myself as the opposite of a procrastinator – when there is work that needs to be done, I will always prioritize doing the most important things immediately rather than pushing it off towards a later date. This has helped me keep moving our growth strategy forward and freed up more time to think strategically about the business. Another habit of mine is that has been integral towards running a business is my focus on details. Remembering the little things and bringing those out will determine the difference between a good business and a great business. For example, one of my favorite things as a business owner is forming relationships with our clients and learning more about their lives. By remembering details that a client shares with me, I am able to maintain those strong relationships and further create an open and engaged community. The last habit that is key to my success (but also sometimes hinders it!) is my perfectionism. I maintain extremely high standards for my work. Oftentimes, this can create a bottleneck where I am focusing too much on one thing to get it perfectly right; however, this habit has also been key towards ensuring I do things the right way rather than making hasty decisions.

What should our readers know about your business?
Pure Barre is a fitness concept that features four group class formats that deliver an effective total-body workout focused on low impact, high-intensity movements that lift and tone muscles and improve strength, agility and flexibility for every body. At Pure Barre West U, we focus on creating an inclusive and open community while also delivering amazing classes. What sets Pure Barre apart from other boutique fitness studios is our extensive schedule, diverse array of class offerings proven to have strong results, and the fun environment set by our staff and clients! Owning this business has been a long-term goal of mine. I was first introduced to Pure Barre when I graduated college and was looking for a workout that I could actually stick with. After a few years of taking classes, I became certified in the technique and started to teach classes. While working at Capital One as a Business Analyst, I grew my business acumen and honed my finance background. This ultimately helped me evaluate the viability of owning a Pure Barre franchise and I decided to pursue ownership upon moving to Houston. Since taking over ownership of Pure Barre West U, I had to learn and adapt very quickly. Owning a fitness studio sounds simple, but there are so many things to think about and balance. I had to overcome the challenge of not taking everything personally and learning to let things roll off my back. Even now, this is something I struggle with but I continue to develop this quality. Another important lesson I’ve learned is how to balance staff relationships. I am so lucky to have 20 amazing women who work at our studio, but it is important to treat everyone equally and allow staff friendships to grow while also maintaining a level of professionalism. I am most proud of the community we have created at Pure Barre West U. When you walk through our doors, our staff members greet you by name and ask about your personal life, whether it be your family, work, or just hearing more about your day. Although class may have up to 25 people, our teachers create a one-on-one experience through shout outs and modifications based on what each client needs. While you will experience an amazing workout, the most important thing you’ll experience at Pure Barre West U is a friendly and strong community that will keep you coming back for years.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
Houston has so many great spots to explore! Some of my favorite places to take people are: Herrmann Park: I love enjoying time outdoors, and Herrmann park is a great place to walk around and spend a casual afternoon. You can spend hours here, but also can easily go to other spots around the city as it is located so centrally. Wooster’s Garden: Wooster’s is my favorite place to grab a quick drink and meet up with friends. It is located in Midtown and has an amazing Happy Hour! For those who like to try interesting cocktails, Wooster’s menu of 40+ craft cocktails will definitely provide a fun time. State of Grace: This restaurant is AMAZING and was actually introduced to me by one of my staff members! State of Grace has a southern-inspired menu, but my favorite thing about the restaurant is it’s Sunday Supper. This is served family style and is an affordable way of exploring the menu. Rice Village: I’m biased because my studio is located in the heart of Rice Village, but I believe this is the most walkable area in Houston! Rice Village has great restaurants like Sixty Vines and reliable chain stores like Athleta, but it also has many unique boutiques and small, locally-owned businesses with their own flair. You can spend a whole afternoon exploring the shops here! Saint Arnold’s Brewery: Saint Arnold’s is one of the oldest breweries in Texas, and they have a huge array of beers to satisfy all beer fans. Their beer garden is huge and is a great place to watch a sports game or bring your dog and hang out with friends Some other favorite spots of mine are: Pastry War (try their Mezcal margarita!), Holman Draft Hall, Better Luck Tomorrow, 8th Wonder Brewery

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
There are so many people who have helped me throughout owning a business! The most important shoutout goes to my parents. I am so fortunate to have a family who supports my goal of owning a business and continue to act as important advisors throughout this journey. My parents have provided support and encouragement, but are also valuable thought partners due to their love of fitness and finance background. There have been countless times where I am unsure of a decision, but speaking with my parents has helped me grow my confidence and feel strong in my ability to lead.

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