We had the good fortune of connecting with Shelby LaMothe and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Shelby, is there a quote or affirmation that’s meaningful to you?
My favorite affirmation is “You are more than enough!” I was always great at most things I put my mind to and then as I got older, comparison became a habit that I picked up. Whether it was why I was always second choice in romantic situation-ships, under someone else, or getting turned down by a number of career opportunities, I had to develop a great habit to replace it. I began to recite these words over and over again once I realized that I will always be enough for the right person, right job, and most importantly, to God, it gave me the confidence to always feel like Superwoman when the inevitable feeling of rejection comes around.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
Chasing Shel is a lifestyle blog that I call: A Real Life, Lifestyle Blog. “Real Life” points out the level of transparency that I bring to my writing and videos. I wanted people to see the good, the bad, and the ugly because that’s real life, not the “perfection” that social media tends to portray. While I do have a line I won’t cross for my privacy, I do believe that what I share is reality of the highs and lows that us young adults and even older adults face. I am still a long way from the reach and impact that I want to have, but I always say, ” As long as I can reach at least one person, I will always be okay with that.” I also started my business, Chasing Shel, LLC, which specializes in Website Design. I have created my friend’s and sisters’ websites, along with my own, as a hobby for so long. I started to get a ton of questions about designing others as well, after I did the rebrand of myself and my page. So, I made my brand into an LLC and have been doing well ever since.

To answer the question, “Was it easy?” ABSOLUTELY NOT! It was not easy to go from over 3k followers on my personal page to now 1400 on my blog page. I was caught up in the likes and the number versus the quality of the work I was putting out. Once I stopped focusing on quantity, I was able to reach the people who matter the most. This was the first lesson that I learned. Another lesson was that not everyone will take the time to read my blogs nor will they share it. They can like it all they want, but again, the people who support you and care about you the most will always shine through and help you with your content reach. I want the world to know that Shelby is not perfect and that’s what we need to see, not what the media wants to portray. When we go through tough relationships. career failures, unhappiness, mental health issues, family troubles, etc., we need someone who is just like us and who has been through those experiences to be able to have hope in getting through those tough times. It also does not hurt to have a friendly face to get you through it. Chasing Shel will always represent hope and encouragement for anyone in need, because that’s what I need/needed.

For my business, on the other hand, that was surprisingly easier to begin because I had already been doing it and more people were attracted to it. As a result, I have been booked since the last week of May, when I announced Chasing Shel, LLC. I know it will get a bit challenging as I begin to deal with different customers and the operational aspects, but I always keep communication and creativity at the forefront of designing to create everyone’s dream site!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
So, it’s very rare that I go out but when I do you can usually find me at Axelrad Beer Garden. OMG! This has been my favorite place since one of my friends introduced it to me when I first moved to Houston in 2017. The hammocks, the small businesses, the live music, the board games, the dogs, the great ciders (I still haven’t figured out actual beer), and the great vibes make it such a relaxing and fun place to experience great drinks and even better vibes. City Center is also one of my favorite locations. They have great food choises, whether you want sushi from RA or a burger from Yard House, there are many options. Then, you can find murals and nice greenery to snap some pictures all while walking around the shopping center. Need to catch a movie? City Center has that as well. This is my one-stop-shop, eat, and fun all into one. I am also a church then brunch person when I can get a Sunday off from work! Visiting Lakewood Church, Hope City, or Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church are my favorite places to praise and worship! Followed by Gracies, The Breakfast Klub, or Phil & Derek’s as my go-to brunch places! Sunday evenings, after bottomless mimosas at brunch, can either lead you back to your house for a perfect evening nap or to the Address for a great time!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I would not be here without the encouragement, love, and support of my family and circle of friends! I have too many people to name but this is a shoutout, so here goes: Meme, Daddy, Shirelle, Telair, Sarah, Sydni, Tay Lashay, Cyril, Ciarra, Telli, Trichelle, Taylor, + Kiara, y’all have kept me going. You push me to be my best self and no matter what, ALWAYS supported me. Thank you is not enough. I also want to dedicate this shoutout to my first & newborn God Babies, Cyrie Amari Grayson + Aaron McGee III. They have given me a new sense of responsibility, love, and drive that they will never even be able to understand. I made the decision to get better mentally and physically to be the best version of myself for them. I am blessed that their parents think so highly of me and I pray they know how much I love them already.

Website: chasingshel.com
Instagram: instagram.com/chasingshel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chasingshel/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvb997pg7QIeKr8fej-ktxg/featured

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