We had the good fortune of connecting with Sunni Ewing and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Sunni, how do you think about risk?
To jump is to suspend or be suspended in mid air. To jump is a risk I know all to well. Leaving an abusive marriage to live and understand my singleness to heal,, to leave San Antonio for Houston, to leave a safe career of teaching to become an entrepreneur were all risks. Some were calculated risks and some were not, however amazing growth happened. Making the mistakes along the way helped me realize the greatness I have inside that keeps on giving. Tools are discovered when you do not have a fall back, you only have a fall foreward. Betting on myself allowed the fortitude to alter the course of my life. I believe in calculated risks. You are a calculated risk. Betting on yourself is the greatest risk there is. It’s all on you. When you make a decision to leave a safe space for something greater, that means you thought about it and now you are in work mode, AND you will not fail. YOU JUST CANNOT QUIT. Because CONSISTENCY EQUALS RESULTS in every area of your life.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
I purposely moved to unfamiliar ground, apart from normalcy to teach, expound on my gifts and talents, and discover what the universe had to offer me. Tapping into my strengths that peaks during the time of struggle, I found my inner joy as a mother and single woman by breaking ground to reveal firsthand to my humans (her children), that dreams are attainable through hard work, commitment, and believing that IT’S YOURS. . I went From middle School teachers do Coach with HISD to fitness professional: Out of great leadership and a desire to create the I wanted, Sunni jumped to create SunniFitness. Similar to the classroom, as a trainer it goes beyond training my athletes to place first on the fitness stage, but to place first in their own stage of life. SunniFitness meets athletes where they are and with focus, discipline and hard work, I take them where they desire to be. My mantra is Consistency Equals Results-in every area of your life. A proud moment for me was to replicate me the athlete into something outside of myself-build on that and call it mine. What makes me even more proud is my children watched this development in the process. For them to see my struggles first hand but I didn’t give up. For them to see me fall and to getting back up. For them to see that I believe in me no matter what. For them to enjoy some fruits of my labor thus far- is what I’m most proud of. This was by far easy going from teaching to entrepreneur, Being an entrepreneur is a space of uncertainty until you are comfortable. I didn’t have money tucked away to fund my fitness business. Once my teaching money ran out-accounts zero, my fitness money hadn’t caught up enough for us to continue living the way we were. I could not even afford to pay my bills. That meant uprooting them from their comforts, their rooms, their home- to we sharing a 2 rooms in my friend’s home. I put my head down and focused. I built up my clientele and in 10 weeks I got us into a new place of our own. We have been rocking and rolling ever since. The SunniFitness brand stems from my struggles, a will to grow, self awareness and personal develop. In the process of meeting someone or one of my clients run into hard times, I waive certain or all fees based on situations. I tell them do not stop training, it makes you fall off in other areas of your life. Do not let a lack of money to hold you back. Doing or continuing the action in the way you want to go will make allowances for what you need in your life and the person helping you. Don’t abort your growth and the growth of those involved. People genuinely helped me along the way. So it’s only right to be a source for others. After all of what has happened to me and for me in my life thus far, I wrote a book about it-may it help others to get through, to inspire, and aspire others to be more and do more. Currently submitted to Amazon to be printed/published; titled Ground Zero: Altering the Course of your Life- I am soooooo excited about this

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
When friends come into to the city…..well I love to dance. And we are definitely hitting up the gym, Alphalete Gym daily. Wednesday dinner Green Seed Vegan 3rd Ward Tx, then off to Red Rooster for an evening of dancing, it’s ladies night. Thursday we can hit up Turkey Leg Hut in 3rd Ward. Then off to Alley Kat, HipHop night and Belvedere for Latina night. Friday Happy Hour Steak 48 then club hopping in 3rd Ward Texas, The Address, Club 50/50, The Spot, Martini Bar. Saturday Night Live Band Alley Kat-brought to you by I10 Media Reg Rhodes. Sunday Funday Brunch to close out the stay at Phil and Derek’s.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Where do I begin. Thus far my partner in business Todd Rogers. He has gone from my trainer to my business partner and mentor in the fitness world. We are Doing big things in the Global Body Building Organization. Shout out to the President Bob Johnson for an outstanding federation-family driven. To my bro Taiwan Robinson @trueapex1 who has played a key roll in my fitness business and marketing outlook and welcoming me into the Alphalete Gym Trainer Family (Owner Christian Guzman). Shout out to the GM Ashley Dreyer @ashleydreyer- keep up the excellent work. This environment has set my business apart. Thank you to Keyshala Petitt for helping me to become a better motivational speaker in delivering my message. Thank you Ebony Moody for your assistance, your editing skills and suggestions to bring my vision together for my first soon to be published book titled Ground Zero: Altering the Course of your Life. I cannot wait for the world to read it. One day even see it on film. Heidi Somers and The Buff Bunny Team for giving me insight on a grand scale. I am watching and learning from you. Thank you. We all need lead ins at times. It allows us to be lead ins for others. It’s good when someone has walked ahead, they have direction. And I thank you all. To my humans Miles and Stormi J. I wouldn’t be as successful without you two in the forefront. Thank you.

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