Never give up.  It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right?  We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Joanna Booth | Award-Winning Newborn Photographer

As a newborn photographer for almost 10 years, there are so many thing that that bring joy and satisfaction. Meeting new parents and their sweet babies, seeing toddlers interact and love their new sibling, styling a session, and receiving news that the parent loves their pictures are some of my favorite things about being a newborn photographer. But sometimes you have hard session where babies cry or stay unsettled during a whole session. Read more>>

Shakundra Martin | Hair salon owner and operator

I will be the first to say being a entrepreneur and running a business it not the easiest thing. But if you have a passion for it and if you can’t see yourself living life without it you must keep going . No matter what you have to keep the faith in God and have faith in yourself. You are worth succeeding in your dreams so never give up. The hard work will pay off. Read more>>

Ileen Bocanegra | Author, Podcast Host, Life Strategist, and Founder of Living Encouraged Ministries & the Blossomed Flowers blog

I have had this question asked by many clients and friends in pursuit of their goals and visions for their life. My first thought goes to my own personal experience. I was just starting off writing my first published book when it hit me. Who was I to be a published author? I started battling with those thoughts of discouragement and major insecurity. I thought, surely no one would even be interested in my book. Months would pass as chapters were being written. Read more>>

Violeta Brown | Boudoir Photographer

I will tell you what I believe in. I think it has a lot to do how much you trust your intuition, how badly do you want achieve your goal and how it makes you feel. It has to be a healthy balance though. There are a people who giving up without even starting, and there are people that would rather die but won’t give up on their goal. Rule of thumb: If it doesn’t make me feel happy and be proud, If it doesn’t make me better If it doesn’t brings me success If it doesn’t make me have an orgazm I Don’t waist your time on it. ….I LET IT GO and move on …. Read more>>

Karuna Leach | Artist

I love to paint, and would continue doing so regardless of whether I maintain an art business, therefore giving up art is not something that I would ever consider. Creativity is an energy I am compelled to release, so I will always continue to create art in some form or fashion. The creation and the enjoyment of art, however, is a shared experience: it’s a visual language that must be read and felt, and so the business of art is essential. Read more>>

Brett Hall | Recognition, Reward and Achievement

To know whether to give up or to keep going you have to know where you’re trying to go. So I distilled the goals that artists typically set for themselves into a Venn diagram… you know, those three overlapping circles to determine which one is most important to you. I came up with goals of Recognition, Reward, and Achievement. “Recognition” would be winning awards at art shows. But that is ceding control of my success measurement to judges whose choices are always subjective at best and arbitrary or irrational at worst. Read more>>