Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Sofia Ivanka | Founding President of Building Smart Kids

Building Smart Kids strives to use education to aid and support the most at-risk kids living and going to school in the most impoverished areas. We believe that education is the key to future success. Unfortunately, it gets put aside when financial struggles are in the way, access to quality education is diminished when schools are under-resourced. This perpetuates a cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Our goal is to intervene at the fundamental stage of a child’s educative journey with free tutoring that is accessible to everyone. Our programs primarily focuses on the 3rd and 4th grade levels, where students need to learn to read proficiently and understand the basics of mathematic concepts that will support all other concepts later on. Before the pandemic, we tutored in-person at the schools located in difficult areas. Now, we have continued to help by offering all of our programs online and live. Read more>>

Chenica Grant | CEO/Founder of C. Grant Enterprises & Unveiled Aspirations, Certified Life Coach and On-Air Personality of Access Granted, Actor/Director

I started off thinking how I wanted to be a change agent, I absolutely love giving back to my community and being a part of groups and organizations that focus on women and families. Unveiled Aspirations was founded in March 2014. I told my sister-friends that I wanted to host a Women’s Empowerment Conference and start an organization that focused on empowering, inspiring and motivating women and girls. And I wanted to create programs and events that also focused on family strengthening and empowerment. I have since taken this passion to become a Certified Life Coach to help with the Personal Development of Women, Girls and Families. Through my organization we are able to give back through volunteer efforts, community projects and sponsorships. Read more>>

Kyjuan (Key-Juan) DaBess | St.Lunatic/ Co-Owner of UCME Clothing

After seeing FUBU make noise with For You By You it all clicked in , I knew I could make a living doing the 2 things I have love for and that’s creating Looks and helping people find confidence in themselves . My way of Life is UCME (You Can’t Make Excuses) so the clothing line inspires the customer and reminds the audience as well . UCME are building up to raise money for scholarships and Llcs for entrepreneurship’s. Read more>>

Tajuana Roberts | CEO & Logistics Instructor

My business provide opportunities to second-chance and low-income individuals. We also provide the opportunity to decrease the unemployment rate through our job-placement program. We also take pride in our philanthropic work. We donate 10% of our profits to domestic violence and autism organizations. Read more>>