Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Lola Scarborough, Ph.D | Manager, Yoga Lola Studios, 500-Hr ERYT, Reiki Master & Ayurveda Practitioner

We live in a constantly changing, ever-anxious world, over which we exercise very little real control. Illness, job loss, heartbreak, death, random shootings, unstable financial markets and chaotic politics are a part of our daily landscape now. It’s hard to find a safe place to relax and experience a feeling of health and wellness in a relaxed manner. And we laugh. A lot! The environment at Yoga Lola provides a safe haven to everyone who enters. It is a peace and love-filled environment. Not only does the yoga and meditation provide health and relaxation, it allows participants to enter into a community that is in harmony with itself. The energy healing work (Reiki and crystals) also helps participants heal from car accidents, surgeries, and other physical injuries, as well as emotional conditions such as divorce, emotional trauma, and anxiety. Read more>>

Yvette Valdenegro | Wedding Planner, Engagement Coach, Podcast Host & Entrepreneur

When the Pandemic began the wedding industry came to a screeching halt. I was very thankful that my business model had already been positioned to facilitate smaller weddings. For over 4.5 years Pop Up Wedding Houston pioneered the new trend to experience micro weddings in a macro unique way. The combination of the business model and the availability of a generous wedding venue, Mia Bella Houston, offered a unique opportunity to still have safe weddings during covid. In the beginning of the pandemic, 10 people was the max the CDC was allowing and we made sure to stick to the regulations, wear masks, clean surfaces, and offer free weddings to those still needing a place to say ‘I do’. Our first few months we offered these free weddings and gladly gave away about $35,000+ wedding services to those in need. This turned into a bigger wedding of $7500 given away on August 8, 2020. Read more>>

David Brake | Founder

Teachers To Go brings state-certified classroom teachers to the homes of busy families for private tutoring and/or homeschool. We create alternative opportunities for teachers while providing social services by placing the right teacher with each family. The result is that children get a better education and feel less isolated, especially since the advent of coronavirus. We feel that this is especially helpful for younger children who require more human interaction than a virtual or remote curriculum can offer. Technology can inform, but only a real human teacher can inspire. Read more>>

Michelle Collins | M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor & Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional

At Memorial Child and Family Therapy, we really believe that we are changing and shaping the world through our therapy services, interventions and social skills groups. We know the impact that helping children feel empowered, connected, understood, and loved can make because we see the behavioral, academic and social results every week at our practice. Children who are misunderstood or not connected with caregivers and teachers act out. All behavior for children is them telling a story of what is happening underneath. There is always a feeling or a need that must be met in order for them to respond in healthier ways. According to the CDC, each year, 4.5 million children are diagnosed with behavioral problems and 4.4 million children are diagnosed with anxiety. Read more>>

Chase C. Hunter | Brand & Media Content Strategist

Through all of my platforms from The Winning News to The Winning Brand Podcast we focus heavily on bringing all of the tools and resources that entrepreneurs and business owners need in order to grow and scale their business and be successful. On The Winning News we focus on what going on right now and the impact of being a minority owned business owner and how to overcome some of the obstacles that we face. Read more>>

John Sage | Founder & CEO

Recent figures indicate that the United States spends approximately $91 billion on incarceration each year; however, that is the cost of the corrections portion alone. The related and resultant economic burden on society is much greater. Some of the most significant of these social costs include: lost wages while incarcerated; reduced post-release employment and wages; higher rate of mortality; and the deleterious effect of the prison environment on post-release behavior. Additional significant costs result from the increased potential for criminal behavior by the children of incarcerated parents, as well as their decreased education levels and subsequent lower wages as adults. These tremendous social burdens mean that the true cost of incarceration could exceed $500 billion per year. Read more>>

Inez Arevalo | House Cleaning Business Owner

A Cleaning to Remember cleans homes for physicians, teachers, pastors and essential personnel in general. It’s important for their homes and offices to be cleaned and sanitized to reduce mold, dust and irritating allergies. Read more>>