There are so many factors that affect how our lives turn out, but one of the most interesting is how our backgrounds give us unique strengths and perspectives that affect who we are as adults. We asked rising stars from the community to tell us about their background and upbringing and how they feel it’s impacted who they are today.

Precious or Pretty P | model & Business Owner

I am From Charlottesville Virginia ,where I grew up amongst three brothers . Being the only girl was kind of hard because I wanted to do more girly things, that I couldn’t really do with brothers . I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon as people say but I’ve always had more than others . One thing my mother always made sure was that myself and my brothers never went without even if it was more so wants than needs. I wouldn’t say we were spoiled I would just say we are blessed to have a mother that went so hard for us. Watching how hard she went for us made me wanna do the exact same for my son . Once I knew I was having a baby I knew certain things needed to change for me and about me. So as years went on I always thought what is my calling what will I be great at but not only great what is something I absolutely love doing because for some reason I couldn’t figure it out. Read more>>

Charles Patton (Red Lion Poetry) | Spoken Word Artist

Originally I’m from the Midtown area of Houston also known as 3rd Ward… My upbringing has a lot to do with the person I am, as I’m sure it does for most people… I didn’t grow up in a wealthy home but my parents found away to make things work… I learned how to be loving from them, and how to treat people well… Later on in life my mother passed away and for a a few years I stayed with my aunt and uncle, and they taught me the value hard work and striving for excellence in everything I did… In spoken word I strive for excellence and I attempt to articulate love and hope in a way that can be received well… But that’s it in a nutshell. Read more>>

Keisha Bussey | Elementary Dance Teacher, Author, Owner of Fierce6 Elite Dance & Fitness

I’m a true “Valley Girl”, originally a native born and raised in Harlingen, Texas. I been dancing since I was in my mother’s womb. “Dancing feet”. My upbringing impacted me who I am today is when, I discovered my love for dance at the Boys & Girls Club as a young girl. I later moved to Alexandria, Louisiana while at Bolton High School Dance Drill Team and continued to have a love for dance. My love for dance continues to grow daily as I teach elementary dance. Read more>>

Thanh Nguyen | CEO of “Enchand Maison” Candles

I’m originally from Colorado, but have lived in Texas most of my life. As both of my parents are from Vietnam and being a first generation Vietnamese-American, things didn’t come easily. My father owned various businesses that I helped him with as a kid, which taught me to be humble and hard-working. Growing up the second oldest in a family of 7 kids, I had a lot of responsibility at a young age and had to learn to share and adapt to different situations, which contributed to my resilience and versatility. I moved out on my own at the age of 19 and was initially going to school to be an interior designer, but got laid off during the financial crisis in 2008. This led me to switch careers and I ended up working in the oil & gas industry, which helped me gain experience and skills in various areas of the business that later became useful for building my company. Read more>>

Eugene Fisher | Owner of Cakes by Eugene

Growing up in New Orleans, LA has made a tremendous impact on where and who I am today. New Orleans was known for being the number 1 murder capitol in the world during my upbringing. At the age of 10, I lost my dad and almost lost my mom to gun violence and drugs. This became a major impact in my life and I used it as a stepping stone to a better future . So, I studied hard and work even harder, as I took on the role of the man of the house , to help provide for other siblings. I knew I didn’t want to become a victim of society, so the one thing I knew I was good at, in which was cooking and being creative in the kitchen. I took that skill set and enrolled in community college and studied and mastered the culinary art program. I knew nothing will come easy being a young black man in New Orleans, so I then moved to Houston, TX , where doors began to open and opportunities begun to grow. Read more>>

Aaron Huerta | Artist

I’m from Houston Texas. My background had a huge impact on my upbringing. I moved to Germany in 2008, my Dads in the military so I moved around a lot. I lived overseas for 7 years. Living in Europe exposed me to so much the world had to offer. I learned a lot about different cultures, being able to go to places people dreamed of going at such a young age. I had traveled almost everywhere while being in Germany, it was truly a blessing. Being a military child it forced me to adapt to new environments quickly. Every 3 years we would move to a new location, that meant new friends, new school, new everything. I’m thankful for being taught how to adapt quickly , now that I’m older I feel like I’m ready for anything that’s thrown my way. Read more>>

Perishia Jones | Perishia Jones, M.Ed I Teacher/Worship Leader

I am from a small town called Navasota, Texas where I made my mark as a young athlete at the local schools. I grew up around a very loving and supportive family that made church a requirement as God is the basis for everything that we do. While residing there, I found a love for music and sang in a group called Kids of Praise that consisted of my two older brothers. In 2005, at the age of 15, I founded a group called Teens in Christ, known presently as the award winning and multi nominated group Unity of Navasota. Prior to being placed on the front line to sing, I developed a unique trademark as the group’s drummer (a rare sight in the aforementioned genre). Though I enjoy singing Traditional Gospel (quartet) particularly alongside Unity of Navasota, Praise and Worship remains my focus and specialization. Read more>>