Our community is made up of brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs, but many of them are also dedicated parents and so we asked them an in port at question: If you are a parent, what do you think is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent in terms of the impact on your children?

Monica Martin | Mother. Wife. Entrepreneur. Dreamer

I’m a mother of three boys! I homeschool them all and that my friend.. is NOT easy! But, it so worth it! It’s worth the time spent, the knowledge gained (for them and I), and the connection we’ve created. The most important thing I’ve done as a parent that will impact my children is… running a business (Honey Mocha Essentials LLC). not giving UP, loving their father and always being there! My children see the ins and outs of us running our small business, working, homeschooling, balancing our everyday lives etc, They see the frustrations, us creating products, the consistency it takes, sales, the errors… they see it ALL! I want them to see that no matter what’s going on, to never give up! We (my husband and I) have always included our children in our plans, while we’re creating, information on running a business etc, They’re exciting to learn and they are always excited to feel included! We do this to not only teach them, but to encourage them to explore their passions unapologetically! To let go of the “what if” and to explore the possibilities of “I am”, “I will”, “I can”! Rather we admit it or not.. we are all a product of our childhood environment. Read more>>

Melissa Opie | Worthiness Expert, Life Coach, Podcast Host, CEO of BeautifulCoachingTools.com

Showing my child that suffering is optional (by way of my actions) is the most important thing that I could have done to break the unhealthy generational patterns that have been passed down. I grew up with this belief that being a martyr was the noble thing to do. Put yourself last. You aren’t special. Don’t say anything. Suffer in silence. Don’t be a burden. Just tolerate it. Prove yourself worthy by how much you are suffering, but without letting anyone know that you are suffering. So many lies. My grandmother had a very difficult life and passed on the narrative to my mother because that’s what my grandmother knew, and because that’s what my mother knew, it was engrained in me from a young age too. Doing the inner work to undo and unlearn these patterns that have been passed down, and in choosing to recognize, reflect, and make different choices (even when it’s hard or uncomfortable), is the most important thing I can do as a parent. Read more>>

Esmeralda Llindis | Mom of Two, Wife and Cuddly Toy Maker

Definitely the word is determination. I believe that I have taught my children to dream and go for their dreams, no matter how big or small they may be, so that when they are adults they look back on their childhood, they remember that their mother achieved many things in her life just to be determined. Read more>>

Abigail Gonzales | Natural Wellness Educator and Pilates Instructor

My children have seen me walk through health challenges, mental health challenges, and work/life balance challenges. And what I have tried to exemplify and teach them is that we have the freedom to make empowered choices. With my health challenges I have the freedom and power to research, seek out answers, and even change my own diet. With mental health issues I can make healthy choices to slow down, fill my mind with God’s truth, and care for my body. And with work/life balance I have the freedom to take each season of life that comes and make shifts to keep the most important things, still the most important things. We have choices. But in order to be clear headed enough to make those choices we need to be rooted in God’s truth, ask good questions and be good learners. In our fast paced world, I hope to help my children to look critically at information coming at them and instead of accept it blindly, ask questions so they can make empowered choices. Read more>>

Alicia Beatrice | Soulful Artist, Author & Creative Entrepreneur

Taking responsibility for my personal growth and healing has been the most important thing I’ve done as a parent. I don’t use excuses about what I do not know or what knowledge was not passed on to me as a child. We seek knowledge as a family and as their parent it is my honor and commitment to nurture them the best I can. It is an ongoing journey actively participating in my own evolution. This is the legacy I am building for my children. We learn and grow together as a family and talk about things related to life and business, of course, as developmentally appropriate as possible. Read more>>

Alicia Sly | Chef/ Owner of Alicia’s Sweet Obsession Bakery

I’ am a mother of three boys. . My sons range in age from 11-16. My oldest son Dominic is very hands on with the family business. You will often find him working our booth along side his father at our local farmers markets. I decided to incorporate all of our children into the family business. They each have roles to play and they understand the importance of being responsible for a task. I believe it is important to show your children responsibility and discipline. We are constantly showing them what it takes to run a small business as well as the successes and failures. Read more>>