We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Helen Kwok | Soapmaker / Graphic Designer

I encourage my girl to express herself artistically in everything she does, whether it’s for her love of drawing, decorating her room or even packing a suitcase. The fact is that creative people think differently when faced with challenges and often can find solutions outside the box even in the most conventional setting. Read more>>

Stephanie Maldonado | Professional Organizer

I am a parent. As a mother, structure is a major key for me. I believe that structure, routine, and a path to follow are keys to success. It starts with their school day routine, continues weekly chores and monthly calendars for all activities. Since my children were toddlers I’ve made it a great point to show my family how important it is to have a smooth flowing process. Read more>>

Lisa Nguyen | Real Estate Agent

The most important thing I’ve done as a parent in terms of the impact on my child is always being observant of his natural aptitude and then help him build upon his talent. Since Hunter was an infant, I have observed him solved problems that no ordinary infant would have solved. I then started him with puzzles and games. Hunter, currently is 2 years old, advanced quickly for his age. In order for Hunter to complete a puzzle, he will have to think and develop strategies to achieve a goal. Completing puzzles is a process that helps Hunter or any young children develop reasoning, logic and problem solving skills to reach a solution. These are skills that carry into adult lives. Read more>>

Ayana Parham | Executive Coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence

As a parent, one of the most significant impacts I’ve made when it comes to my 2-year-old son is teaching him what it means to be emotionally intelligent. What I mean is, leading him to express himself in a healthy way to verbally and non-verbally address. It is easier said than done; however, I want my son to learn at an early age that men have feelings; they can and should address their feelings with a certain level of zeal and curiosity. We as a culture understand that men typically have issues expressing themselves, especially African American men. I am raising one who will articulate how he feels, address his triggers, and name his emotions when they arise. Read more>>

Gwendolyn Jones | Professional Organizer/ Lunchable artistry maker

I believe as a single mom the single most important thing I have done is shown my girls that there is no ceiling of possible in our lives. Pursuing every gift and dream inside of you is not just about saying it, it is actually in the doing! I have had a 26 year career in education as a teacher, Math Specialist and a interventionist, a district leader, & taught every grade K-9. I left my career to start my Professional Organizer business A Date With Your Space in 2014. I returned to education in 2017 but would not give up on entrepreneurship. I left again this year in 2021 to not only continue my first business but to start a New Business called Munched by G Jonesy. I am determined to show my girls that giving up is never an option but the opportunity to grow and be better is always the option! Read more>>