There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Aliyah (Liyah) Parker | Licensed Cosmetologist & CEO of Prolific Styles Hair Care

Take the RISK! You will never know what you’re capable of or where you can go. Even if you fall, you’ve gained valuable information and experience from failure. Do it scared! Putting yourself out there and trying something new will change how you approach similar situations in the future. Read more>>

Kasey Eckstein | Founder & Executive Director of WIMOs Association | Sales at Ingram Barge Co.

To me, taking risks is essential to creating change, success and progress. If you’re always playing it safe then it is very difficult to achieve greatness. I have always lived by the saying that you only regret the risks that you don’t take. Believe it or not, starting WIMOs was quite a big risk. Working in what is considered a “male-dominated” industry made launching WIMOs a risky endeavor due to the fact that I did not want my male counterparts to feel under attack. This concern was amplified due to the sensitivities around the “me too movement” at the time of our founding. Read more>>

Sherly Tavarez | Fashion Stylist / Founder & CEO, Hause of Curls

Risk taking has played a big role in my life and career. I moved to NYC from Orlando when I was 23 years old by myself to pursue a career in Fashion. I had never lived anywhere else and had no idea what I was getting into. I moved with just an internship, no job lined up or anything. I had a dreams of being a businesswoman since I can remember, so for me, this was an adventure! Nine years later and I am still living here and thriving! I started my two businesses, Hause of Curls LLC and Sherly Tavarez LLC! Now I am the Founder and CEO of Hause of Curls and a Fashion Stylist and Blogger. Read more>>

Eric James | Vocalist

Risk taking is everything! Without taking risks you’ll find yourself sitting on a cliff above water wondering all the while if you can swim. If you don’t jump in you’ll never know what you what you’re missing. You can’t make waves if you don’t take a dive. Read more>>

Krystalean Of Royal Floz | Recording artist / Audio engineer

I feel like you have to take risk if you want to make it somewhere in life, you can be comfortable and just ok with your life or you can take a risk and take a leap a faith do something that really makes you happy I mean they say you only get one life to live so be smart with it Read more>>

Adia White | Chef & Graphic Designer

Risk taking has been the key to growth in my life and career. If I only focused on what I knew I could do, I would never branch out to explore new things or encourage new innovations. Taking risks has helped me to overcome fears. Though we may be afraid to fail, taking risks will always be beneficial. Some of my failed attempts of taking risks have taught me the most valuable lessons as a business owner. Read more>>

Anysabel Garcia Journalist & Content Creator | Food & Travel Blogger

Risk has been a part of the daily routine during my career right after I started making important decisions. I was a journalist working in different media in Venezuela and I turned into a social media content creator in other countries. At the beginning, it was a challenge that people could take me seriously by creating content of food since I’m not a chef and I don’t even know how to cook but I have been traveling the world, trying new dishes from the places they were originated and enriching my palate among a variety of flavors and tons of knowledge. Read more>>

Edward Josey | Entrepreneur

I believe Risk Taking is something that happens the day you are born. You don’t know it yet because you are being cared for by your parents. When you really think about it, taking your first steps, holding your bottle on your own, trying to get out of the crib… all risk. I had a lemonade stand at 7yrs old. I was excited to make the lemonade with my mom, but I honestly never knew if people were going to stop and buy it. Read more>>