The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Claremont Heir | Local Rock Band

We have practice weekly on Sunday nights which sounds bad initially, but it is a motivator, for me, to not save my work until Sunday night. Making time for music is important to us, and knowing that there are four other people relying on you helps motivate you to not let the others down. Read more>>

Joyce Kristiansson | CEO & Author

A lack of work-life balance was the primary reason I left my corporate job. My son was entering kindergarten and my daughter was just two years old. I wanted it all – mom at school, and professional at work. Initially I only worked part time so I could do that. I can still remember the feeling of joy and gratitude as I traveled the back roads, taking my son to his first day of school. Even though he is now 23 and my daughter is 20, that drive still evokes those feelings. Over the past 18+ years, the balance shifted from part time to full time work, and the company has grown significantly. Although a sole business owner never really stops working, it seems so much easier now and I can spend more time outdoors in the naturalist and conservation activities that bring me joy, as well as my family. Read more>>

Kristy Edgar | Paper Craft Artist

I think the biggest factors in determining my work-life balance is prioritizing my resources. When I was first starting out as an artist, I said yes to everyone, accepted any project, and spent more time and money on the craft than I probably should have. But over time, I’ve learned to be more discerning. I realized that the most valuable resource I have is time – time to create, time to relax, and time to be with my family. That also happens to be the most limited resource. I can always find another client and I can always get more resources, but time as a mom, wife, and individual is most important. So, I’ve started saying no more and accepting that I can’t make every client happy. I’ve accepted that if they really want to work with me, they’ll be willing to work with my time table. My time has as much if not more value as my craft itself. Read more>>

Fallion Billings | Jewelry Designer and Spray Tan Artist

It has changed a lot! Before I always had plenty of time to “mom” and take care of all my other things. Now I have to juggle and it is hard! My 2 businesses are hands. I design and hand make all my jewelry and spray tanning is clearly hands on. I try to get my orders done while my daughter is in MDO but that doesn’t always happen. Trying to make jewelry or anything and deal with a 4 year old is tough!. Read more>>