The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Amiley & Ashley Lai Lai | Full-Time Dumpling Hustlers

As entrepreneurs we can always work more hours, forgoing sleep and leisure, but we have found setting aside the time to rest gives us the energy to tackle each week. We have seen so many friends burn out from working nonstop, and taking the time to spend time with loved ones and do things that we enjoy outside of our business reminds us that there are seasons of busy times and slower times and to be grateful in the midst of each of these seasons. When Dumpling Haus first started as a pop-up it was much easier to balance our lives and take time off because our schedules were much more flexible. In previous years that looked like taking annual family vacations, but with the opening of our brick and mortar we have been exploring our own city more and taking day trips to nearby locales. Read more>>

Emily Hollingsworth

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that I’m inspired by fabrics! A traditional method when planning your quilt is to pick your design or pattern, plan your color theory and then find the fabric you want to use to portray your vision. For me, the process is almost in reverse where I will come across this one fabric that just resonates with me and provides that jolt of a creative spark and call to action. Then the quilt seemingly creates itself and I’m whisked away on a process of discovery. My office walls are filled with my favorite artists’ gouache landscapes, neo-traditional tattoo design, and photos of cool, misty mountain lakes which also provide a great deal of inspiration and, I would say, encapsulates my point of view as an artist. Read more>>

Cassie Ghaffar & Sandy Nguyen | MOMPRENEURS

Sandy and myself are mothers of 7 boys under 7. Although we feel we have been tested on many occasions during our lives, our careers and personal growth have thrived on multiple levels in these last 7 year than ever before. As we align our work ethics and business-minded growth, it was the work life balance that we agreed on the most. We always tell people that we like to love hard, work hard and play hard. We find that we have created a structure and support system in our lives so that we have time to raise our children in the best manner possible and equally balance work, marriage, family, friends and travel. It is these particular moments of balance, like a girls night out, that allow us to reset and push harder. Read more>>

Tasialiana “Slaps” Carter | Insurance Agency Owner & Lyricist

Work life balance is super important. When I first started out 3 years ago I didn’t focus on insurance as much. I focused on my poetry business because it was a great outlet for me with my vocal expressions during a time of serious healing and shadow work. Nowadays I focus on insurance because of financial education and protection within my community. I realized the community needs to leave legacies through art for the community, and through wealth for their families to live when the voice dies. Read more>>

Karen Kowenski PT DPT WCS | Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health

HA! I picked this question because this was the one I laughed/ smirked at! As a mom of 2 little girls ( 3 and 5), working, wifing, daughtering etc- the word balance has changed overtime. I used to envision ‘balance’ as a perfect static equilibrium. Now, I sit it as a bunch of balls being thrown into the air- some are made of plastic that I allow to fall and break and its no big deal, others are made of glass and I must keep them going . . . The goal of working towards balance: work/ life, health/happiness, etc is an allusion- all we can do is do the best we can- some days we will excel at one thing at the cost of another- and that is OKAY. Read more>>