The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Ayla Nichols | Mammography Department Manager & Artist

My work life balance changes everyday and to an outsider it may look like there is no balance. A mentor once told me there is no such thing as balance between work and life-only harmony. So long as my husband and son understand that they are my priority everything in life is good. There will always be time to complete a task, project or deadline another day; there may not be another time to watch my son ride a bike for the first time or be present for my husbands promotion ceremony. Read more>>

Adriana Fallas | Artist and Businessperson

For me, balance is everything. both in my personal and professional life. Looking back, I can see how my balance and my focus changed over the years. Life is so dynamic. Sometimes we might think that we have everything under control. But we need to be able to adjust ourselves, especially when the changes are mayor. Being a businessperson, I had to regain balance when I started my family with my husband and became a mom. It was clear to me that my two girls were my priority, and I didn’t doubt to work from home. Even though there were a lot of challenges and endless evening working hours I don’t regret it at all. I am so lucky that I was able to be with them during the most valuable moments of their childhood. As they grew independent, I found myself exploring different paths for self-expression in the art world. I am constantly in a re-focus and re balance search. Read more>>

Corlis DeLauren | Comedienne, Actress & Writer

My work life balance dramatically changed when I became older. Before, I had a philosophy that I need to work hard with jobs that paid my bills and try to make time for my comedy career on the side. Now I feel completely different when I consider my life’s dream and my job. My natural personality has always exhibited strong work ethic. Meaning when I go to work I always give 100% effort. So when I told my younger self to work harder essentially I was draining myself of any extra energy I had for my career. Read more>>

Amanda Holland | Pastry Chef

Of course, in the beginning of starting any business, and having a full-time job, you go into it with a plan and schedule of when you will set aside time for your 9-5, your business and your personal life. When you begin living it, you realize it isn’t as easy as you thought it was. I had a plan and after a few weeks I realized it wasn’t going to work. You must get creative and figure out what’s going to work for you. In the past 2 years Since my business has picked up and working at a school it was difficult at first. I’d work my 9-5 M-F, then come home and work on my orders until late in the evening, and by the weekend I would be exhausted and not have much of a social life. Read more>>