We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Yadira & Gustavo Morales | Accoutant & Glazier Tech

The most important lesson our business has taught us is to perfect our own craft and not to focus on what others are doing. All of our energy goes into figuring out the best ways to serve our customers, how to make our process run smoother and spending countless of hours trying to come up with cool new services to add to our business. If we put any of that powerful energy towards comparing ourselves to the next person then we are doing not only ourselves a disservice but our customers as well. Read more>>

Dajiah Devine | Hair Extension Retailer + Wig Maker

The most important lesson that my business has taught me is to KEEP GOING. There are going to be days where you have no sales, no one likes your posts and sometimes no motivation because it can be discouraging when you feel like you aren’t getting noticed for your talent, customer service or what you have to offer but you have to keep pushing through. I have learned that consistency and networking is EVERYTHING when it comes to your small business if you want to keep going and if you are serious you will do everything you can to learn, to grow and to get to that next level. Read more>>

Wendy Paulin | Senior Photographer

The most important lesson I’ve learned is that everyone’s growth rate is different. I sometimes find myself comparing my work or number of Instagram likes to other photographers’, and that mentality is negative. I’m learning to stop being so hard on myself because we all grow at our own pace. I’m now more proud of how much I’ve grown and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for my business. Read more>>

Emily Reaga | Digital Marketing Implementer & Founder of the Digital Media VA Crash Course

You cannot do it alone. Over the last decade of my freelance business, I’ve worked with many solopreneurs who were just starting out with the goal of bringing their talents and services into the digital world with online offerings. Each one of them had the raw talent, the great ideas and the vision to make it happen but not everyone succeeded. Why is that? Especially when most of them had a successful business owner they were modeling their business after or smart business mentor handing over a solid strategy? Shouldn’t it be easy? Read more>>