By far, the topic that comes up most in our conversations with entrepreneurs and creatives is risk. We’ve had conversations about risks that worked out and risks that did not. We’ve seen eyes light eye sharing about career-trajectory changing risks as well as folks sigh about the risks they wish they had taken. Below, we’ve selected and shared some of those thoughtful conversations.

Seaera Baltazar | Owner

At first I can admit I was NOT a risk taker. I always like to know what the outcome will be and I like to be prepared for whatever It was. Im a stickler for order and having control over a situation which eventually played a downfall in several aspects of my life because I limited my capabilities in result of not taking risks. Read more>>

Kristin Freeman | Contemporary Artist & Muralist

My Art career wouldn’t be where it is today without taking risks. Though I feel afraid at times, I try my best to face those fears head-on by choosing risks that propel me forward towards my goal. Failure is a possibility of course, but I try not to see failure as dark or shameful. Read more>>

Ashley Busby | Artist & Academic Advisor

Risk taking is a difficult and necessary part of any creative practice. In my research it is necessary for me to be an active participant and push away from my comfort zone. I must initiate my interactions with the natural world and always search for new perspectives. Read more>>

Nina Struthers | Illustrator

Because of the covid virus, I recently “quit my day job” at a school because I did not want to get into virtual teaching. It was a real gamble. I didn’t have much saved for retirement and I spent most of my 401k getting my art set up in galleries, creating a website, and hiring a marketing firm to promote my art on Instagram and Facebook. Read more>>

DJ Jones | Philosopher

To me, taking risks are necessary when it’s time to take that next step into your next chapter. When it’s time to tighten up and make the sacrifices needed to get to where you want to be, I’ve been taking risks all my life and having to change and adapt. But it’s about risk management when rolling the dice, playin your cards right and making the best decisions for you. Read more>>

Ashvin Harrison | Professional Artist

To me, taking calculated risks is essential to achieving various forms of success. I’ve always taken risks in career paths- with over 30 jobs in the past. I feel it is more of a risk to stay in a secure boring, stressful, disliked or undervalued role than to take a leap and do what one loves each day; you never know when your last day will be. Read more>>

Adair Stephens | Artist

As an artist, the idea of risk-taking is always on my mind. Every piece I create inherently involves risk and the possibility of failure, which adds a kind of energy and excitement to the process. To combat this potentially paralyzing feeling, I view the majority of my creative output as experiments. Read more>>

Rafael Elorza | Filmmaker

Failure is a part of success. I don’t think I would have been able to make use of the opportunities that I have been blessed with if I had not failed so much at a young age. And it’s all due to taking risk. Being able to learn from it is the most important thing we can do as creatives. Read more>>

Rena Iglehart | Professional Photographer, Creative & Educator

I took a chance on a hobby and started an entirely new career path in 2010 when I established Rena O. Productions. Risks are what my business has thrived off of for the past 10 years. Had I not taken the risk to start my business – I would be living an unfulfilled life. Read more>>

Nicolle LaMere | Artist

The life of an artist is inherently risky. As a creative, it is imperative to stay true to my instincts both in and out of the studio. In the past, I’ve pursued opportunities that I believed at the time were impossible to achieve, and yes, sometimes that ended up being true. Read more>>

Sara McKee | Artist & Art Teacher

Making artwork, teaching others to make it, and sharing it, are all very vulnerable spaces. Every time I share an idea or artwork or encourage others to do so, it’s a risk that the ideas will be received well. There is a point however where the need to create and imagine takes over and it’s worth the risk because it’s harder to hold in the idea than to share it. Read more>>

Brandon Real | Official Prince of Pop

Risk is a necessary factor in order to be successful. Without risk, there is no reward. Taking risks has encouraged me to push the envelope, stand out, and able to create my sound. Read more>>

Ali Holder

Taking a Risk for Love: Married After Six Months Taking a risk for love has always been the way I operate. When I was younger that equated to traveling long distances to see someone. It involved playing a song I wrote about someone right to their face and of course, knowing no strangers at the end of the night. Read more>>

Samantha Parker | Artist

Risk-taking is a familiar aspect of my creative process. When I arrive on site for an installation, 50% is planned and 50% is left for improvisation. Arriving with only half a plan initiates an exciting adrenaline rush and adds pressure, forcing me to the trust my abilities, process, and judgment. Read more>>

Seth Pitt | Artist

As an artist, it’s important to be able to perpetually risk making work I’m not happy with in order to avoid the risk of missing out on some new growth. I try not to let the complicated concepts “good” or “bad” work keep me from having quality time in the studio. Read more>>