We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has play in their lives and careers.

Darrell Bolden | Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist/ Online Coaching

Risk well that’s something I did back in 2015 when I walked away from working a corporate gym job as a general manager for 6 years. I wanted to start my own personal training business i had wrote a business plan out and everything. I was planning for success. I wasn’t ready for all the risk that came with owning your own business. I failed twice lost my house car everything. Did some investments and didn’t get anything in return. What I learned from that experience is not allowing people to distract me and doing it my way versus doing it there way. Read more>>

Nina Fitzgerald | Entrepreneur, Creator & Explorer of life

I used to believe in risk, it actually controlled a lot about how I acted and what I would do. Once I started asking questions I found out that risk is entirely made up. We create false walls for ourselves that tell us limits as to what we can and should do. One of the biggest things about stepping out and being an entrepreneur is that I learned to walk into the fire, the only risk is never having the chance to learn. I get to create my story and if I let someone else tell me my story I wouldn’t survive as a company. By never stopping and by continuing to stay in my passion there doesn’t exist risk that I can’t walk through. Read more>>

Tyler Rebekah Wright | Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Risk taking is something that I don’t enjoy doing at all, but have found that it’s worth it every time. I actually had a speech condition when I was little called Selective Mutism- meaning I didn’t talk at all. I never spoke to my grandparents or extended family, to classmates in school, I’d hide away when we’d have company over.. it was paralyzing. Fear has controlled a lot of my life growing up. I eventually started to get over it as a kid and began talking, but actually putting myself out there? No way! It wasn’t until I went off to Baylor that I actually began confronting this issue that had held me back for so long. I literally waited for life to come to me and bring me friendships and opportunity, but after a year and a half of sitting around I decided to take a step out of faith and try to run towards life. Read more>>

Brayden Wilson | Lifestyle Photographer

I truly believe that without some form of risk there is little to no reward. Of course making sure that risk isn’t going to hurt yourself, or others in any way is important. However, in my personal experience I have struggled with anxiety for years that left me unable to leave my house.  I never thought I would travel, much less even see the country I was living in — that is until I fell in love, and that somehow gave me the bravery I needed to hop on a plane, totally alone. Since then I haven’t looked back. I travel all the time and without travelling I wouldn’t have even considered starting my own business! I’m thankful for the risks I’ve taken because I am thriving where I ended up. Read more>>

Chyna Hunt | Cake Artist | Entrepreneur | YouTube Content Creator

Risk taking is absolutely necessary, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. I took one of the biggest risks of my life in August 2019 by quitting my corporate job of 13 years, to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. I simply made a decision to live my life on my own terms. Was I scared TO DEATH when I pressed send on my resignation email? HECK YEA! But I walked through my fear and DID IT ANYWAY. Now, I’m successfully creating cake art for a living and I haven’t looked back since. That’s the funny thing about taking risks. You are going to be scared & nervous, but you have to walk through that fear into your greatness. Read more>>