Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Ehi Ade-Mabo | Entrepreneur | Visionary | The Mindset Surgeon

I have won some, lost some and most importantly learnt a whole lot! I have always been one for taking calculated risks but as i mature in business and deepen my roots, i am now introspective. I ask myself always: ” is this decision fear based or faith based”? A fear based decision is one that i take without any solid foundation or backing, its usually inspired by all the wrong reasons; wanting to change others perspective of you, wanting to prove yourself for the wrong reasons, wanting validation, wanting to do something because someone i consider important is doing it Read more>>

Allison Parsley | Realtor

Personally, I am a steadfast believer in the old saying, “despite all of the shit; fruits grow best from the meuniere!” The purpose of life is to build something out of nothing. You cannot get to that point of nothingness without the first step : taking a risk. Read more>>

Nicolaus Radford | Founder and CEO, Nauticus Robotics

I have a very high and sustainable tolerance for risk. More often than not, risk is proportional to real impact or future upside. Risk tests you and ensures your convictions are well grounded. I’m especially motivated how risk separates the believers from the non-believers. For when it comes time to push your chips in the middle, you better have your head on straight, or you’ll drown. Read more>>

Fatima Hye | Filmmaker

As an indie filmmaker, you take risks by definition – it’s part of the job description because you don’t have the resources or connections to do things in an established or even methodical way. So, to make things happen at all, you have to think outside the range of what’s “normal”, “the way things are done”. But deeper than that, as an artistic creative, not only do I want to be free to express myself completely, I also feel it’s pointless to simply do what others are already doing. Read more>>