Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Dj Trill | Open Format Dj / Creative

I view risks as one of the core things that can make or mar an individual. My life decisions revolve around risk taking, and it extends to my career choices. I strongly believe that the more risk involved in a plan; the higher the reward. However, before taking any critical decision it is very important that I analyze and asses the risks involved. Leaving a secured job in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and moving to the United States was a risk that I strongly analyzed, and ultimately it has been paying off. Read more>>

Jessica Viser | Beauty Consultant

Impressive Results By Jess, started off as me rebranding my Beautician buisness. I took a risk on stoping working so many extra jobs as a Police Officer. I am a single mother of two, 13 year-old-daughter/ 5 year-old-son. Money is imperative, but I knew if I wanted to grow my business I has to sacrifice the time. The more I researched, and took in what my clients said about the products handmade by me I needed to put in work to promote my product. I showed my daughter how to make mix, and blend our ingredients for our products. I have Jess Hair Scalp, Jess What Women Want Beard, Shampoo, Jess Citrus Conditioner. After working hard with my business I knew I was more than a Beautician. I am a Beauty Consultant striving to give services to all who need knowledge about taking care of there hair, skin, and health tips. When promoting my products I received invitations to present at Pop up Shops, which brought in revenue foe mg Buisness. All of this helped push my product, and brand at the same time. Read more>>

Giselle Soto | Dominican Nail Technician

Relocation my family to another state was challenging as a single mother of three children. I had to leave behind my clientele and business in Massachusetts. It was the best decision I’ve ever made, but was very challenging. Houston has a lot to offer in many aspects. Its the home of a lot of businesses, therefore my business can prosper without a doubt. It was a little hard to adjust at first since things are done differently compared to where I’m from. I’ve been receiving help from many friendly people, including strangers. I am very grateful with where I am standing today. Read more>>

Brian Nguyen | Dr. Brian Nguyen | Owner & Physical Therapist

I think taking risks is part of life! Prior to my private practice, I was working for a hospital system where I had a steady income, great health insurance, easy access to resources, paid time off, and most importantly – stability. It was definitely risky to leave that comfort zone. However, I didn’t grow up in a family to live in “comfort”. I grew up with entrepreneurs in my family with successful businesses, such as Pink Palette Artists, Kleinwood Vision, Airline Auto Parts, J. Hunter Properties just to name a few. Knowing that my family, friends, and colleagues are standing right beside me, it gives me faith, hope and confidence to be successful in this business. Every day we decide for ourselves how big or small of a risk we want to take. For me, it’s a game I’m willing to play as long as I continue to feel happy, motivated, and satisfied in my achievements. Read more>>

Jessica Clark | Wife, Mom, Lash Boss

I think I feel the same way as most people do about taking risks. Scared because you don’t know the outcome and if you will fail. But more recently, I’ve tried to change the way I view risk. Instead of thinking of all the wrong that could happen, I now start to think of all the things that will go right and how great I will do. Starting my business I’ve learned that it’s all about taking a risk the moment I quit both my jobs and decided to work for myself. As a new, small business I have to keep growing. That’s means I have to keep trying new things and taking risks. Every time I have been scared or nervous but every time I reminded myself to have faith. And if something didn’t go how I planned the first time, I learned from it and tried again. Taking a risk may be scary sometimes if you allow it to be but quitting on yourself and not taking the chance at all is what is most scary. Read more>>

Chris Bolden | CEO of Ice Ent Apparel

Risk taking is one of the most important things in life and business. With risk comes fear. In my experience. The best things in life are on other side of risk and fear. I entered the military and thought of it as a risk and i learned so much in my 4 years in the Navy. I also jumped out a plane and it’s the best feeling ever. The feeling of bliss and confidence you get from taking a risk jumping is unexplainable. With my clothing business I took a risk and brought a $200 shirt press to start and now I’m opening a store front next month and it only took 3 years. Read more>>

Burgess Chase | Creative & Entrepreneur

Taking risk is one of the biggest characteristics a person needs if they’re expecting to grow their business or just themselves as a person. To make that jump in confidence in whatever you’re doing is what builds you to have that mentality to achieve more in life. Every time I’ve accomplished something major in my life, there was risk and possibility of failure, and there’s been plenty of those. How I see it though, embracing the failures in my life and truly learning from them are like having perks to help me navigate through my life and career. Having a negative perception from failing will only shun you from seeing the so called bigger picture in my eyes, you can’t be afraid to hold yourself accountable. When I recently created “The Break Out”, a platform for breaking out new up & coming artists and creatives, the list of things that could of went wrong was ridiculous, but I was determined and had faith in what I was doing. Now I’m looking to do a follow up one this Summer 2021 in Houston at a bigger venue with a bigger line-up of artists & creatives. Read more>>