We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Donna Pattison | Director, Shimmer Flute Choir

Shimmer Flute Choir has three missions. The first is to provide a place for flute players at all levels a chance to grow and develop in their artistic skills and expression. The second mission is to provide community for the musicians in the group. It is a place to make lifelong friends while creating beautiful music. The third mission is to bring music into the community. We provide music for local events including museum and historical society functions. One of the most meaningful ways we give back is to perform for the residents of our local retirement communities. Read more>>

Calicia Johnson | Sr. Technical Program Manager @ Xbox & Founder of Student Career Studio

Student Career Studio helps the world by assisting students with finding money for college, landing their dream job and developing professionally. We are a one stop shop for minority collegiate students to find scholarship, internship and leadership opportunities. Our goal is to bridge the gap between opportunities and students. We assist students with resumes, mock interviews, LinkedIn strategies, professional development and networking. What sets us apart is students are able to come to one site and get the information they need. We have information on scholarships they can apply to and internship opportunities across various industries, for a wide range of majors. We also highlight corporate leadership summits, certifications and diversity conferences students can attend for additional professional development. We provide clear and concise information with direct access to the opportunity, all on one site. We also match students with professionals in their industry, as well as, connect them with recruiters through our weekly speaker series. Read more>>

Adam Garcia | Chef / Director of Operations

Our non-profit focuses on residents in the Sharpstown/Gulfton community. More than 80 countries are represented in this neighborhood, making it the most diverse neighborhood in the most diverse city in the country! It has the lowest unemployment rate in Houston, but also one of the lowest median incomes. We created a workforce development kitchen where we help teach disconnected youth (these students graduated high school, but not yet working) obtain job skills to go confidently into the work force. Our 16-week program also includes financial literacy classes as well as social emotional health taught by industry professionals. The program is completed with job placement, based on the students interest. We do this all through a culinary setting, with hope to one day have a cafe run by our graduates, if they choose to stay in the culinary field. I never went to college, but there were so many skills that i learned in a kitchen that helped prepare me for life. There are many ascpects to working in a kitchen. Read more>>

Dwayne Woods | Sr. Business Analyst & Entreprenuer

The Ms. Lucille Fitness Challenge inspires the world through fitness. The fitness challenge uses social media to connect with people all over the world. The challenge of exercising 87 consecutive days has produced amazing physical and mental results. Many people that has participated in this challenge has shared emotional testimonies about how this challenge has helped change their lives. The fitness challenge also sells apperal to fund the foundation that does community outreach. Read more>>

Nhu-Nhu Tull | Physician and Jewelry Designer

I often think of the materials we use and how it will impact our world. I didn’t know the difference between gold plated and gold filled jewelry before I started making jewelry. They both mean layers of gold on top, but gold filled is a lot more gold on top, it can be exposed to water and will last decades. Gold plated is a lot less gold, will turn green with water exposures and after handling it for some time, will fade quickly. After learning this, I only use gold filled chains, ear wires and clasps because I am proud of my work and want my jewelry to bring joy to my clients for a very long time. I don’t use plastic, my jewelry is made of real gemstones from all over the world. These gemstones, which I believe are just as pretty as expensive diamonds, have less humanitarian issues associated with them and are more fairly priced. I embrace imperfections as part of the natural beauty and individual appeal of each piece. We are also moving towards eco-friendly shipping packages, the ones that degrade in a few months rather than years. mochimochi is about slow, mindful beautiful fashion. Read more>>