We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

BranDee Williams | Wig Maker

My business helps the community by donating wigs to people who suffer from hair lost due to underlying conditions such as Trichotillomania. Facebook has helped me get in contact with these people, and it makes me happy to help boost others confidence. Read more>>

Mike Vance | Creative Director – Night Heron Media

Night Heron Media’s mission is to teach Texans about our culture, history, arts and lifestyle, and we seriously believe in that concept. We feel that learning about your neighbors, understanding their experiences, knowing where we came from. is the type of education that makes people better citizens. Our history and culture is filled with an incredible diversity, yet most people only know a portion of it, and often, what they’ve been taught has a giant dollop of mythology on top. We hope that through our videos and books, we’ll have the chance to expand some personal horizons. Read more>>

Vera Oyabure | Vera Oyabure, M.D. CEO and Founder of KarisMed

KarisMed is a medical practice that provides a personalized experience by using a functional medicine approach to treat the root cause of diseases and not just hand out pills. We use a membership-based model known as Direct Primary Care (DPC). DPC reduces healthcare costs while providing a more personalized experience which in turn leads to better health outcomes. My business values the relationship with each patient, from adults and their kids to small-business owners and employees. It doesn’t matter if you have health insurance or not, everyone is welcome. KarisMed is helping the community access more affordable quality care by removing the middlemen when it comes to dealing with labs, imaging companies, specialty care, etc., which quadruples the cost of basic medical care. With KarisMed, often we can get up to 90% off on these services, amazing right?! Read more>>