We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

René Mejia | Fashion Designer

The reason why I decided to pursue a creative career was because that’s all I know. From a very young age I was fed trough my mothers work an environment of creativity. Watching her create garments in an old pedal singer sewing machine are the earlies memories that I have as a kid, that’s how she paid for the bills and this early experiences didn’t only teach me creativity but it taught me something even more important. Hard Work and Dedication. Read more>>

Tanya Cuevas | Hair Colorist & Extension Expert

I love seeing the outcome of my work. I choose the beauty industry to transform my clients from the inside out. It’s a bittersweet feeling making people feel good about themselves. Read more>>

Andrea Garcia | Multimedia Artist & Event Organizer

Since childhood, I’ve always felt inclined to an artistic career. Creating art has been the one thing that has felt fulfilling throughout my adolescence and now into adulthood. When I think about a career, I imagine myself doing something that complements my creativity and allows me to continue to explore my artistic ideas. Being so early into my creative career, I don’t know where it’s going to lead me. Pursuing a career as an artist gives me the freedom to explore different disciplines and mediums of art. I wouldn’t want to dedicate more time to anything other than creating art. And making it into a career is the only thing that feels right. Pursuing art in any form it wants to manifest! For life! Read more>>

Dahlia Bradshaw | Wardrobe, & Fashion Stylist

The reason why I chose to pursue a creative career is based on how I view the world. As a stylist, I don’t see clothing only as black and white. Growing up, when watching television shows, movies, musicals, or plays, I realized that I analyzed characters based on their wardrobe or costumes first, and the storyline second. During high school is when I began experimenting with my personal style. I had a lot of hit and misses, which is expected with fashion, yet it only fueled me to explore different looks and styles.The girls that I saw on Tumblr (the Instagram before Instagram) was an inspiration for what my style could be. The sky was really the limit and I began thrifting. Read more>>

Scarlett Song | Permanent make up artist

Since I was little, I was drawn to anything and everything that stimulates me creatively. In school, I would dread going to every other classes except for art classes. I could spend endless hours doing crafts, designing, drawing and anything that gets my creativity flowing. That’s when you know something is for you, when it sets your soul on fire. I knew from very early on that I was never meant for routine work or a career that limits my creativity. Read more>>

Marina Tamez | Microblading Artist & Hairstylist

I’ve always been very creative. I feel I was born with just about all of the artistic genes. Seriously, when it comes to anything creative, I honestly feel I ace it all, whether it’s painting, decorating, baking, interior decorating, hairstyling, and of course cosmetically enhancing brows with permanent makeup. As a kid, I wanted to do it all. Read more>>