We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Johnny Falstaff | songwriter, singer, guitar slinger

With the ever growing stresses and challenges in today’s world, most people enjoy a short distraction from the constant barrage of information. Music and art provides this distraction, and I am blessed to have a gift that I can give. To see people enjoying the music, smiling, dancing, is a joy beyond measure. Read more>>

Holli May Thomas | Artist

If I had to attach adjectives to my artwork, I would choose hopeful and peaceful, Living a life filled with joy and gratitude are my number one priority. My earlier pieces did not express tranquility because I had immense amounts of self-induced stress and turmoil but five years ago my sister passed away and not long afterwards my stepfather. Then Covid hit and during quarantine I took a step back and asked myself, are you really expressing what you want to show as your inner workings? I started meditating and realized I was just scratching my own surface and not taking the deep dive. Read more>>

Manuel Buchanan | International Certified Dog Trainer

THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION BETWEEN DOGS AND OWNERS: The relationship between dogs and humans has a long time of coexistence, officially between 14 to 12,000 years, although there is evidence of coexistence with tame wolves for around 100,000 years. This means that within the joint evolutionary process, the establishment of shared channels of communication have been present. Read more>>

Ken Freeman | Founder of Vegan Vibez

Vegan Vibez Festival is unique in its on. We have the opportunity to create a space where people eat Plantbased and enjoy great entertainment. Imagine eating healthier options while being able to, rollerskate, dance, view Art exhibits, jam out to music and party. Read more>>