We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Crystal Washington-Auzenne | Event Planner/Event Designer

With everything that’s going on in the world, bringing families, friends and the communities together to celebrate life, helps us all to focus on things that matter most; perhaps more than ever before. Crystal Clear Events help the community and the world by providing exquisite décor, unique entertainment in a fun environment. We guarantee the adventures will be endless when we organize your event, celebrating those memorable milestones to share with family and friends. There’s nothing like planning for an enchanted wedding to compliment an elegant bridal shower that leads to a treasured baby shower, and in no time the over-the-top characterized 1st birthday, or a sensational sweet sixteen. When jaws drop at the eloquent grand openings, and tears for those quick years; the high school graduate can party like it’s 1999, lol, as we anticipate marking one of the most solemn celebrations, their college graduations! Read more>>

Amy Malkan | Public Visual Artist

I specialize in community public art, what that means is that the communities in the respective area where the mural will be are involved in either the design and/or production. It is fun and fulfilling working with the children to hear their thoughts, ideas and what they think will be meaningful on the mural that will represent them. The most powerful public art murals that I have worked on are located at Cuney Homes and in Gulfton, Houston. The benefits the children receive from working on these murals is give them a sense of community, a sense of purpose, showcases their talents, exposes them to something they didnt’t know that was available them. I hope to continue to do more public art murals all over the world. Read more>>

Tiara Johnson | Co-Founder: GirlBoss Suites Houston

GirlBoss Suites Houston is a chic, community, and co-working space where we cater to women in business and aspiring to be in business. This space is a content creator and game changer’s dream. We are helping women in business by providing affordable space and connecting them to experts through our programming. Women are the fastest group of entrepreneurs nationwide and we want to make sure we keep these numbers growing. We also want to make sure women in business: stay in business and reach 6 figure earning potential in their business. It is important to have a legit business past a hashtag and to make sure you create a great business foundation. Read more>>

Alanna Bree | Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) and Board-Certified Pediatric Dermatologist

A Children’s House for the Soul is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in the Houston area with the mission to empower, encourage, and unite all children and families impacted by skin conditions and birthmarks by providing social, emotional and spiritual support, while also raising awareness through community education initiatives. Don’t let our small size fool you, because we are up to BIG things! It is our vision to make the world a more understanding, accepting and loving place for those affected by skin conditions and birthmarks. It is a lofty goal, but we work tirelessly to achieve it because the need is so great. 20% of children and teens have skin conditions. These kids have higher levels of many psychosocial issues including social withdrawal, lack of confidence, anxiety, depression and even suicide. Read more>>

Roger Tetrault Jr. | I/E&A Network Founder/Sr. I&E Maintenance and Reliability Technologist/ Program Chair-Brazos Section ISA

The reason I started the Instrumentation, Electrical, and Analyzer Network of Brazoria County is because I want to make training and continuous education more affordable and accessible for professionals who are seeking to increase their chance of getting a job or to simply improve their skillset to become a better technician. I also would like to use this network to foster a culture of collaboration and comradery within our community; to show people that they are not alone in resolving the complex issues that comes with our profession. By building a network of experienced professionals (over 500 members and growing) I have been able to leverage our strength in numbers to provide low cost training sessions for other network members that otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. Read more>>

MarQuis Thomas | Owner & Founder of IV GOD’S GLORY

In Our Business Our main Focus is to serve Our Community with variety of services. IV God’s Glory isnt your typical Christian Book Store, Our Customers and Community have become family. We strive day in and day out to make sure our community know where here for them regardless if it’s for merchandise,events or just in need of fellowship and Prayer. We are heavily involved in Community Outreach serving the Houston area 5 days a week with our on site food/ clothing pantry free to the public. We also provide an array of services from T-SHIRT printing and Embroidery. To Christian Youth Concerts and Uhaul Rentals. Many may ask “MarQuis you don’t think that’s alot”?! And my answer will remain… would it be from God if it had limits? Read more>>