We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Uriel Rubio | Sunglass Designer

We believe that looking good & doing good for the environment can go hand in hand. The importance of finding sustainable alternatives to products we use in our everyday life is something that more and more of us are gradually becoming aware of. that is why our sunglasses are entirely made out of recycled & sustainable materials. We help the environment by reducing the use of plastics, also by creating awareness among our customers & followers about the use of sustainable products, and my personal favorite, by planting a tree for every pair of sunglasses we sell. Read more>>

Brittni Schroeder | Compassion Club Founder/President

After my son passed away we saw so many of his friends, kids struggling.  We were in desperate need of healing ourselves and as Tony Robbins has said, “We only suffer when we think of ourselves.”  We wanted to show these kids how powerful service, kindness, and compassion could be in their lives. We decided to start a Compassion Club in his high school. What started off with meeting once a month soon turned to every week. We shared stories of Gage, our son, and other inspiring stories and then planned random acts of kindness activities. We posted started posting online and soon I was bombarded with messages from teachers, principals, parents and kids inquiring how they could start a club. Shortly after that formed a board of directors and formed a 501(c).  We then formed a committee of parents, educators, administrators, researchers and counselors and together we created a 100-page curriculum. We created two curriculums one for elementary and one for secondary grades. The curriculums teach stories of kindness, compassion, forgiveness, service and more. Read more>>

Courtney Lindsay | Guide To The Other Side

I am one of thousands that now embrace their ability to channel, speak to angels and ancestors and then share that information with others to empower them. The more the rest of the world knows who they are in this vast universe and trust they can untangle the sometimes confusing path their higher self called in the better we all move the world forward. I want to continue to allow this gift to be shared with those that need it but don’t feel it’s really a business. It’s more a gift I strategically share with those that need it. Read more>>

Fatima Mukhtar | Modest Fashion Blogger

The intent behind Modestly Speaking is twofold. First, I provide a service to women who choose to dress modestly by sharing modest pieces you can find at traditional retailers and highlighting brands that focus on just modest styles. Another aspect of Modestly Speaking is to educate followers and brands with which I work about modesty and Muslims. There are so many stereotypes people have of us, and by sharing my world I hope followers in the community and around the world can learn something. Read more>>

Wendy Traylor | Nutrition Coach & Fitness Professional

I help people who want to move more, eat better, feel better, and look better. I help them find balance from a wellness perspective so they can live their lives fully and filled. Read more>>

Glen Burke | Luthier

We are in the music industry. We design and build custom guitars and hand wired tube amplifiers for electric guitars. We are also a professional repair, modification and restoration shop. We help our community because of these services we offer but we take it to a different level. We donate our time for benefits to help raise money for those in need or to help raise money for a local museum. We help organize other musicians participation. We love our community here and appreciate their continued support. Read more>>

Sia Moiwa | CEO & Founder

Instrument of God, LLC and Kono Bui’ Foundation helps the world by bringing awareness to the impacts of trauma and providing support that aids in recovery such as trauma recovery coaching, trauma healing facilitator training that supports organizations to build trauma-informed leaders, transforms culture, and empowers individuals to move from Trauma into Triumph. As a transformational speaker I am about “All Things Healing” and you will often hear me speak on many platforms with a message to inspire, motivate and equip communities to heal, restore and recover. My desire is to heal one soul at a time and become a global healing source for individuals, families and communities. Read more>>

Melissa Marshall | Photographer & Budget Advisor

Being a wide range photographer from weddings to business I get to be a small part of memories for people personally and business-wise. For someone personally they have art to hang in their homes and have pictures with their loved ones that may be the last picture ever taken of them. Some sessions bring awareness whether it is adoption or cancer and everything in between it shows a real life account of someones life to bring awareness to be kind to others no matter what. You never know what someone could be going through in their life, what they have accomplished and to be able to promote this kind of good in people is something so special to me. I love getting to meet people from all different walks of life! On the business side of it, I get to be a small part to provide content for some amazing businesses. Entrepreneurship is the backbone to America and to be able to highlight a business through pictures is something that fuels us! Getting to be creative with a fellow business person to show what, how, when and where they do things is a feeling you can not describe to be proud to live in this country to have the freedom to be able to be a part of it! I also have the privilege of being a budget advisor to so many great people. Read more>>

Phyllis Burton | Executive Director for Sock Out Poverty, Inc., Registered Nurse with MBA

I’m the Executive Director of Sock Out Poverty, Inc. My seventeen year old daughter, Princess Jackson is the founder. Our mission is to reduce poverty and restore lives to the less fortunate. We provide the most over looked item to those who are in need and that’s a new pair of socks. We have given out of 15,000 pairs of new socks across the world. Sock Out Poverty, Inc. has held sock campaigns in California, Washington, DC, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Our goal is to Sock Out Poverty all over the world. Read more>>

Quinn Kelly | Renew You Podcast Host, Renew Women’s Conference Director and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The Renew You Podcast, Renew Faith Conferences and and my writing at Sanctification and Spitup all have one collective goal: to encourage people in their faith and relationships. Because let’s face it, the world can wear us out and get us focused on things that drain us. So sometimes we need reminders that there is a better way to do life. And I believe that happens when we focus on things that make us strong mentally like our faith and the love that we can show others in our lives because of it. Read more>>

Marisela Segovia | Chef

My meal prep business helps many people by providing them with healthy well balanced meals that better their health, aid in weight loss, and provide nutritional value to their diet. It’s hard to find restaurants or take out that is healthy and meal prep is the next best thing! To be able to pick up your meals and just reheat throughout the week saves time and money that would’ve been wasted on fast food. I’m happy to provide my community with healthy and delicious meals at their convenience. Read more>>

Matilde Caceres | Fashion Designer

Fashion Sustainability is a huge topic that has been a buzz in the Fashion Industry, After I watched, a Netflix documentary, “The True Cost”, on how fast fashion is creating waste in third world countries, I decided to make a plan to prevent fabric waste. I take fabric scraps left from custom projects and recreate them into a new textile for a one of a kind garment. I make designs on face masks with the odds and end shaped fabric scraps and all kinds of other fabric fashion projects and sell them on my “Limited Sustainable Fashion” tab on my website. Those always sell out super fast. I also take an initiative to let my custom design clients know to buy just the exact fabric needed, creating less waste and encourage them to look in their current closets for items they have not worn that maybe we can recreate into something else that can be worn or used adding more lifetime to fabric instead of it ending in a waste land pile. Read more>>