We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Amy Albro | Owner

Soulfreak Studio Cafe is located within the small city of Clear Lake Shores. It has become a staple to the community and surrounding communities. Our coffee and food products are sourced locally by other small businesses. Our retail area has unique offerings, some include items handcrafted by local area artists. The art room is a studio space that is used to teach art classes and when not in use is a communal area for people to work, visit and draw on tables. Soulfreak hosts a market each month to provide locals with handcrafted products and give the artist/crafters/bakers a chance to showcase their talent and make money doing what they love. Read more>>

DesMonique Ivory | Founder & President

The Adam Caesar Foundation help our communities by creating community gardens and outreach programs. We have donation gardens where we grow and harvest fruits and vegetables to donate to those in our communities. We partner with local chefs to give them fresh produce. TACF established our first community park pollination garden this past April. It beautifies the park as well has bring help pollinators. Our outreach programs feeds our homeless and work with our church Boy Scouts. Read more>>

Benjamin Lozano | CEO & Co-founder, SMBX

SMBX is the first of its kind as a marketplace for Small Business Bonds™, a way for small businesses to raise capital from their community and for everyday investors to grow their wealth. The Small Business Bond™ allows businesses that have been traditionally underserved to access growth capital at competitive rates without giving up equity in their company. At the same time, it allows community members to invest locally in businesses they know and love. As the Bonds are paid back by the business, the interest on them is paid back to these investors, keeping the dollars local for reinvestment and creating a cycle of wealth that stays within the community. Read more>>

Dr. Ndidi Ihim | Wealth and Wellness Expert

Our mission is to permanently close the racial and social wealth gap that exists. We do so by providing education to the youths and young adults in order for them to be empowered and fiancially literate. Read more>>

Nicole Waltman | Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist

I’ve been blessed with several talents in my life, which is why I decided to obtain a theatre degree, mass communications degree, and esthetician’s license. Oddly enough, the core decision behind pursuing all of these endeavors is the same: to help people. Theatre helps people feel and question and think. Communications helps people unlock the truth and allows their voices to be heard. Esthetics helps people discover their innermost confidence. Read more>>

Stefani Wille | Owner of Kakes Keto and Gluten-Free

We provide safe, nutritious, convenience that is both diabetic and celiac safe. It has become easy to find “keto” products in the market place, but not for those with additional dietary restrictions. Our specialty is accommodating our guest needs, from dairy free to egg free. Every day we fresh bake real food that is available for walk in ( some items require pre order) from our dedicated Gluten-free kitchen. Read more>>