We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today.  Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

H-Town Strings | Violin and Cello Lessons

H-Town Strings is a music school for students age three to adults. The majority of students we work with are school age. We feel that especially in these challenging times when students’ educational structures have shifted so dramatically, we are able to be somewhat of a constant in each family’s life. The Suzuki philosophy encourages character first education, so we are using music as a vehicle to develop the whole child, to develop skills that they will continue to use even if they don’t pursue a career in music. Another aspect that is so unique to long-term music education is the length of time that we are able to work with our students and to oversee their development. It’s wonderful to watch these students grow and progress so much through the years! Read more>>

Chau Nguyen | Chief Public Strategies Officer

Founded in 1977 a small group of volunteers, a few phones, and a passionate commitment to helping women and children rebuild lives torn apart by violence, the Houston Area Women’s Center offers hope and healing to survivors of domestic and sexual violence here in the Greater Houston area. We offer comprehensive programs and services to all affected by abuse Including advocacy, counseling, education, shelter and support services. Our services are free, confidential and available to everyone. Read more>>

Amy Falkenhainer | Medical Exercise Specialist & Cancer Exercise Specialist

We provide a very unique and vital service to our community. We unite the two worlds of medicine and fitness. Many people go through treatment for chronic health conditions, cancer, surgery, rehab for an injury, pregnancy, or other medical treatment, and are then told by their physician or rehab specialist to continue exercising on their own beyond treatment. These patients often have no idea where to turn or how to begin exercising safely and effectively around their health condition or treatment. That’s where we come in; we are uniquely certified with the expertise to safely help these individuals on their long term recovery journey. This is a huge step in improving overall community health and vitality while also easing the burden on community health care systems. Read more>>

Shawn Baker | Rage Room Owner

Tantrums provides a safe place for people to go to get out their stresses in life by destroying the contents of a room. We see a lot of people in therapy of all types. People who are dealing with depression, anxiety, and all kinds of abuse. Not everyone wants to keep talking about their problems. Some people need to take out their aggressions on inanimate objects. We see a lot of people dealing with a suicide of someone very close to them and they are very angry and need to let it out. And what happens at Tantrums stays at Tantrums. So, you can cry, curse, scream, laugh, or whatever. We are judgement free. Read more>>

Leia Crowe | Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

As a massage therapist and personal trainer, I help people become happier and healthier. Through massage therapy, I help people get out of pain, and boost their quality of life! But massage also helps lower stress and anxiety, which can be the actual cause of alot of physical ailments. Helping people become less stressed makes them happier, and that in itself keeps them healthier! The body and mind are so incredibly connected. Massage even boosts immunity! So now we have a bunch of people walking around that are healthier and happier, making the community a better place! It’s quite amazing the ripple effects we can have and not even realize it! The same goes for my personal training and health coaching. As I help people become healthier, they become happier as a bonus benefit! I have a very rewarding career. Read more>>