How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Bonnie Cullum | Producing Artistic Director

As an artist, my entire career was based on risk. But what was amazing, was that the farther the risk, the bigger the success. The public wanted me to reach beyond “safe” and into the realm of urgent and unashamed. This has affirmed my choices. When I have made less “risky” theatrical art, it has rarely been successful artistically or financially. Read more>>

Natalie Dawley | Founder & Creative Director

Some people avoid risks at all cost and some don’t acknowledge any risks. I live somewhere in the middle. I’m not risk averse nor intimidated by hard work. If I see the ROI and the risk factor aligns with my values and mission then I am all in and determined to see the pay off. Read more>>

John King | JK Welding

It’s the biggest role factor as the risk is especially high considering w unique and the size of the special projects we get involved with here at Jk Welding. Read more>>

Donna Stedman

Risk is always going to be a big part of our lives, if we do anything of importance ever. Personally, I look back at my life’s decisions and realize that in most of the smaller choices I have made, I had a tendency to take the path of least resistance. Mixed into that scenario were a smattering of courageous choices that were hard, working against peer pressure, but I knew were the right thing to do. I was born into a family where I was taught to be a people pleaser. My dad was a busy dentist and oral surgeon in a small town in Indiana. His hobby was farming, as well as building commercial projects. My mom’s job was to raise their brood of seven kids, keep the home running smoothly, build and maintain the home gardens and community relationships, all on a tight budget. Read more>>

Jessie Smith | Photographer

There are not very many times I say the word “no”…Unless you ask my kids! haha… When opportunities are put in front of me, even ones that seem challenging or scary, most of the time I say “yes” to them. I have learned and am a huge believer that when you take a chance or step out of your comfort zone amazing things happen. I would much rather go through life experiencing/learning from my failures and celebrating my successes than asking myself “what if?” Read more>>