We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today.  Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Joy Pizarro | Branding Stylist & Project Manager

Access to the internet is increasingly important for full participation in America’s economic, political and social life. People are using the Internet to find career opportunities, lower prices for goods and services, work remote or start their own business, acquire new skills using distance learning, and make better informed decisions about their healthcare needs. The ability to use technology is becoming increasingly important in the workplace, and jobs in the rapidly growing information technology sector pay almost significantly more than the average private sector wage. Through Begin A Brand “Tech Talk” program we are bridging the digital divide by collaborating with under-served senior living facilities to provide residents hands-on tutorials on how to navigate the latest technologies and telecommunications making them adverse to telecommunications and technologies making them less to make them adverse to exploitation. Read more>>

Yan Shen | Concert Pianist

This is actually a question that I have been thinking about during the COVID-19 pandemic period. As a concert pianist, like most classical musicians, I have spent my entire life practicing – both trying to be a better artist and to become more successful on the concert stage. With the pandemic, everything in the arts world shut down. Similar to most concert artists, I lost my summer concert tour in China (with ten concerts) and many other concerts. Even worse than the disappointment of losing concerts has been the fear that I might catch the virus at any time, and the outcome would be unknown. There was a period in March when I was overwhelmed by feelings of panic and anxiousness. But then, after a few weeks, I started to re-think the whole situation and look inside myself. Read more>>

Moncy Hawkins | CEO

Fig Restoration provides hope and a transformed lifestyle to future homebuyers, entrepreneurs and professionals that suffer with less than perfect credit profiles. It gives the opportunity for families to become homeowners and in some instances, these clients are the first in their families to break out of poverty and create a new legacy for generations to come behind them. Entrepreneurs are able to obtain funding in order to grow their businesses, create jobs, and build the economy. Fig Restoration goes beyond credit repair by offering mindset motivation to every client that reassures them that they can have a better lifestyle and that they don’t have to stay stuck. Many clients go on to have true financial liberty which impacts society in too many ways to list here today. Read more>>

Heather Says | Hula Hoop Dancer, Yoga Instructor & Creator of HoopCubed

What we do at HoopCubed is all about bringing joy and health to the community. You can’t take hula hooping too seriously, since you’re literally playing with a toy! Giving people the opportunity and freedom to move their bodies in a fun way that doesn’t require fancy tools is priceless in a world that can look grim so often. Read more>>

Kayla “KayyG.Legacy” Groden | CEO, Ostomy Fitness Model, Personal Trainer & Life Fulfillment Activist

The sole mission of Opulent Perception is to provide a platform to spread positivity and fulfillment through fashion. We cater to high frequency thinkers and positive thought leaders giving them a platform they can wear their thoughts out loud. The fashion and self development industry has a massive impact on society individually. Putting these two together and empowering your wardrobe, allows the exchange of positive energy without ever having to speak a word. It’s a powerful movement. Read more>>

Tralynn Victorian | Family Nurse Practitioner & School Owner

Victorious Healthcare Academy offers training in healthcare careers. Currently we offer Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training, and plan to offer more courses in the near future. Victorious Healthcare Academy helps the community because it offers individuals in the community a chance to obtain a career in healthcare if that is their desire. Due to COVID job security is a serious issue. CNAs have been in high demand and have job security. Also with the rise of baby boomers qualified CNAs are needed to help care for this population. Read more>>

Rebecca Deurlein | Founder

When I was a full-time teacher, I discovered that educating, mentoring, and encouraging future generations was the greatest impact I was making on the world. I founded Teenager Success 101 with the same mission in mind. My clients range from kids struggling to get organized or stay focused to those who are top in their class seeking greater challenges. To be able to help those kids reach their goals is everything to me. I’ve seen unmotivated kids become passionate simply because we engaged with them, cared about them, and encouraged them. I’ve seen highly driven kids work themselves harder and reap the rewards because we took them far beyond what they could get in the traditional school setting. Read more>>

Stephanie Haden | Owner & Certified Art Educator

From the start of our art business, I had one thing in mind, to bring creativity to the community. I wanted to create a program that was educational but affordable for all families in the community. By doing so, we give all children the opportunity to grow in their creativity through art, as well as develop a healthy outlet to express themselves. Even with the present conditions of our community due to Covid-19, many businesses are limited on what they can do. In addition, families are limited on what activities they can participate in. Our business has been flexible enough to create virtual art classes where students and families can still participate in art and develop their creativity. Read more>>

Jake Donaldson | Entrepreneur, Innovator, Architect & Craft Beer Enthusiast

The Method team has always believed in finding ways to give back and support our local communities. Some of these outreach activities include pro-bono work with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Creative Dreams, and Houston Food Bank, volunteer efforts at local food banks, hosting ‘A day in the life of an architect’ program in our office for as-risk youth, Hurricane Harvey relief and support efforts, and other activities through our employee led ‘Method Cares’ committee. Most recently our team has published a free online kids design/architecture activity book which provides parents and kids fun hands on activities to do at home while at the same time exposing them to a future career in architecture, engineering, and construction. With COVID lockdowns and school delays, our team felt this was a small thing we could do to help bring some positivity to our community. Read more>>

Darieus Freeman | President & founder

Social media has become a major outlet tool, like no other. Definitely has helped and define the landscape of advertisement. For all businesses alike from corporate, non-profit , & small entrepreneur businesses like me. It is , still okay to use the old school methods of advertisement. And getting the word out but, the social media platform is powerful . And it is up to date in the modern day age that we are living in. So I encourage everyone to take an advantage of it. Read more>>

Cocoa Butter Queen | CEO

I have a big heart for service and community building is one of the main pillars of Cocoa Butter Queen Cosmetics. So far We’ve started off with a bi-weekly community clean up. We have also been doing our best to sustain those that have chose to fight against injustice by providing water, and care packages. We are now in the process of creating survival programs through community funds in order to supply those in need with the basic necessities for survival in these unsure times. We are now in the process of creating funding and accepting donations for homeless hygiene bags to help do our part in making sure that no one gets left behind in our communities. Read more>>

Paul Fortenberry | Owner & Canner

My business donates 100% of our profits after expenses have been paid to cancer research. This helps individuals that want to make a difference in others lives. I gain a lot of support from the local community that are individuals that have been affected by cancer through family members or themselves personally. I hear their stories and provide them hope and inspiration that I am out there making a difference on my own. My product also makes a great gift for those looking for homemade goods that support a charity function and taste delicious. Read more>>