We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Billy Hargrove | CEO / Owner

Communication! Good Communication leads to Great Quality Read more>>

Javi | Business Owner/Lash Dealer

the most important factor is support. without support, my business wouldn’t be a business. i wouldn’t have sales or site traffic at all. also, keeping faith in my business. on the days or even weeks where i have no sales, i have to keep going and keep believing in my brand. there is no giving up. Read more>>

Cristala “Krys” Poole Dorsey | Visionary * Talent Agent * Creative Director * Artistic Director

To make it simple – being genuine and maintaining my Christian values and principles. Often times people get into the industry and want to work with artists for the wrong reasons, or for ulterior motives and personal gain. There isn’t anything wrong with personal gain as long as it is done within the right manner. Some industry professionals tend to forget that at some point they were in need of someone’s help and guidance, so for me to take advantage of an artist who needs tools, wisdom, and resources goes completely against my values and principles. At the end of the day, I’m a Christian woman, and I choose to thrive in this industry as one. Because of this, people have taken notice and desire to work with me or don’t mind a favor because they know at the core I’m genuine and do right by people. THAT’S what has contributed to my success is of the most important factor. Read more>>

Vanessa Vergel | Photographer

Discipline and constancy, some days I may feel tired, or sad, or lazy, it doesn’t matter how I feel I always have discipline. not every day is the same or not every day I am the same but no matter how I feel I have the discipline to work and put in the energy on my work because I know that energy feeds on more energy. Read more>>

Danni McDonald | Mom, wife, cookie slinger, sugar artist

I feel like the most important factor behind my success and the success of Red Shed Cookie Co. is building relationships. I have built relationships through events I have sold cookies at, the classes I teach, and even through social media. For example, I hosted a cookie both at our town farmers market one weekend, and met a girl named Amy who asked about gluten-free options. We became connected through Facebook and realized we knew a lot of the same people. She has since taken two of my cookie decorating classes and now we are training to run a half marathon together. I never dreamed that this small business would help me form new friendships, but it surely has in many ways. Read more>>

Rachna Khare | Nonprofit Executive Director & Community Builder

Leaning on, learning from, and listening to others. My dear friend Sonya Passi who leads Freefrom.org introduced me to the book Decolonizing Wealth where author Edgar Villanueva explains that “when birds fly together they cut the wind for each other – all except for the one at the front. That one has the bear the full force of the wind….that one has to lead the way forward despite the discomfort. At the same time, one of the greatest lessons of migrating birds is that they take turns occupying that tough position at the front, which allows for greater resilience for the whole group…. The lesson is that thriving is not actually about the leader, it’s about the whole flock. Everyone has the potential to lead and leadership is about listening and being attuned to everyone else. It’s about flexibility. It’s about humility. It’s about trust. It’s about having fun along the way. It is more about holding space for others’ brilliance than being the sole source of answers…” Read more>>

Natalie Nicole Portillo | Licensed Cosmetologist, Wax Expert, Professional Makeup and Hair Artist

I personally feel like what’s made me stand out in the short amount of time I’ve had my makeup and hair artistry business is the urgency to be a representation of success in my family. As I get older, I start to realize and understand all of the things I heard my parents tell me about life and how it is my responsibility to work hard in order to become successful. I was blessed enough to have been born into household that pushes their children to always strive for the highest of the high and that limits do not exist. Read more>>