Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Kirstyn Jones | Nail Technician

I believe that my balance has changed over time because in the beginning of my career I worked really hard, better yet I overworked myself really hard. Some days I would work 12 hours a day and do it again the next day. Sometimes I would work 12 hour days, six days a week. While the money was great, it was draining on my mental health and my physical well-being. In 2019 I contracted Covid and it was one of the most traumatizing experiences that I have ever been through. It put a lot into perspective for me in terms of making me realize that, me having everything that I wanted materialistically meant nothing if I didn’t prioritize myself first. It taught me that time is something that I cannot get back. Read more>>

Garret Ashton | Transmission Lost Artist

I Work full-time in a career other than music, but music has always been my passion. In the past, I would meet up with different musicians in hope of finding that one person or group of people that would complete me. I envisioned we would make hits together and this band would form the dust to take us to the next level. However, what actually happened would tell a much different story… Many Musicians cannot compromise, they don’t have any money, they don’t have the proper gear, their styles did not align, they have family/work conflicts for practicing etc… and some are addicted to alcohol or drugs which they think are helping them be more creative. Perhaps this is why there are so few successful ones out there. It was very difficult to me to find musicians who would check all of the boxes. Read more>>

Ernie Agbobock | Gun Store Owner

When I became self-employed the business required even more of my time than it did before. It came to a point for me where I would feel guilty if I was doing something other than building my business. Work nights became longer as things got busier. I started seeing less of my family and also noticed I had stopped doing things I enjoyed that tend to help me relax or relieve stress. Of course as an entrepreneur you learn to understand that in order to be successful you’ll have to sacrifice certain things, but you determine what and how much. Read more>>