We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Lindsey Browning | Ceramic Artist

I got in the habit of saying “yes” to everything I could, while I could. I looked at every new opportunity as a door cracking open, no matter how small, into the world I wanted to be in. This process of saying yes made me very optimistic and granted me serenity in new. The enthusiastic yes is something people remember and when your just getting your foot in the door you have to put in the time and energy to develop these relationships within your desired community. Read more>>

Ara Malekian | Chef/Pitmaster

In my personal experience, much of my success is due to attention to detail, being organized and love of of what I do. Read more>>

Arthur Cardenas | Graphic Designer & Photographer

A few habits that have helped me succeed is to not be afraid to fail or to be rejected. It happens its part of the industry. Its always better to ask then not to ask. That one no might lead to other opportunities. I always ask others who are further in their career than i’am. They have been through many challenges in life and asking them can either prepare you and you can always always learn from them. Books! im not much of reader but at the same time im attracted to books that interest me. I read books on design,photography, typography, architecture and history from the past present and whats trending. Everything from books can be used, learned from and the biggest of all it can spark ideas for future projects. Read more>>

Sydni Calais | Bakery Owner

I feel like consistency is so extremely essential in starting your own business, and essential for making it last. I’ve seen a lot of people try and start a business, while not realizing the amount of time and consistency that plays into building clientele, posting content & gaining followers, getting a backbone behind your brand. A stable business doesn’t come quickly or easily- it happens over a long period of time, making good choices with the small decisions. Realizing that early on, helped me grow my brand to where it is today. Read more>>

Briley Finney | Hair Artist

I would say some habits that helped me succeed are being steadfast. There are days that can be discouraging in the hair industry, but if you stay dedicated, hard work pays off. I also would say being a good listener. Listening to hear and not just respond. I also had the privilege of being surrounded by talented artists, that were happy to mentor me. I believe it’s extremely important to be okay to saying no, and knowing your value, I learned a lot of valuable advice, from my favorite podcast by Britt Seva. At the end of the day, consistency, work life balance, and knowing who you are as an artist, while supporting other artists, are habits that help you succeed. Read more>>