We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

TyAngela Hunter | Holistic Therapist & Coach

Over the years I have managed to try to perfect my daily routine. There are a few habits that are non-negotiable for me to maintain a work-life balance that I have come to enjoy, A few habits I can’t live without include: -early morning meditation and affirmations -next comes my protein coffee smoothie since my days often start at 4:30 before my workout, -a quick breakfast from my go-to stash of breakfast combinations with a green juice, -creating a work and life schedule that creates time in my day and week for everything I want to accomplish during the next 5 years. I have learned to breakdown my 5-year goal plan into manageable steps to incorporate into my daily life. My days can seem overwhelming to the outsider looking in but work that t I am aimed to focus on the results that I am looking forward to not the hard work that I may have to put in right now. Delayed Gratification can be very rewarding when you are focused on the right thing. Read more>>

Saidrian Lovings | Public Relations Intern for Rich Bitch Luxe

I made it a habit to use planners. Planners are your best friend! I have 3 planners actually; one for school life, sorority life and one for my internship. They are a great way to keep the organized, and I really suggest to use the little activities that are in the planner. Read more>>

Robert Villanueva | @RobtheTXRealtor

The habit that has helped me succeed has been my availability to my customers and clients. We live in a world where people are looking for a quick response. So I make myself available at all times which has led my customers to convert into clients. Read more>>

Rick Antona | Business Owner & Jeweler

Each morning I get up hours before the work day begins. I organize and prepare for everything that is going to happen that day. I believe that you must prepare for the unexpected. I am a true believer in consistency. First, I am consistent in the information I teach to my clients and I am consistent in the way I follow up with my clients. It is my goal to make sure they’re informed in the buying process and pleased with their experiences. I thrive in a routine setting for the office. I am constantly on top of my employees to make sure that everyone is carrying their weight for the needs of the client. It is a true team effort. In short, consistency, living by a routine, and treating people with kindness have fueled my success. Read more>>

Kira Ni | Potter behind Kira Ni Ceramics

Things like waking up early, being organized. Working in a clean environment makes it easier to start and finish projects on time, this one is especially important if you are working from a home studio. Probably some of the habits that I have picked up while working at the office, checking up on clients, making sure they got all the data in order to make a decision, make sure to follow up on time and to remember/know people. Without even realizing it all these office habits help me to work with my clients. Read more>>