We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Linda Sidhu | Quiz Creator

After a failed partnership during COVID last year, I decided to niche down relaunch a new business that focuses solely on my personality strengths. By leveraging my “think outside of the box” personality, I went all-in on creating personality quizzes for online coaches and course creators to attract new subscribers on autopilot and grow their email lists. I’m a strategic partner with Interact, the quiz platform, and make business “fun” by crafting personalized marketing for my customers. Read more>>

Susan Mobley | Social Media Marketer & Influencer

The most important factor in the success of Lifestyle by Susan, is that I don’t fear rejection. I don’t fear failure. I have told so many others that are wanting to start a business, blog or new venture, to JUST START! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. If you never ask, the answer is always NO!! Guess what, if you do ask, you might just get a YES!! Some of my greatest successes have been because I asked for something that no one thought I would get. Also, you can’t let failure stand in your way. The greatest failure is to never try. Read more>>

Jasmin Guillory | Creator of Jas’d Up Beauty

My most important factor, and the thing that pushed me into overdrive is my daughter Zahrara. I just remember doing her hair, and watching it get longer, and longer and thinking I need to make sure I keep my baby fly at all times. I knew I always wanted to do something that helps people. When I was young I always thought that would be healthcare, but I’m so happy to have found an alternate route! I absolutely love making people feel beautiful., and I love the way I feel while creating a style or a cut. It may have taken me a little longer than others, but I definitely found something I’m passionate about, and I can thank my daughter for that. Read more>>

Arabella Remy | Lead Creative and Photographer

The most important factor behind my career is God. God is at the forefront and center of my business. One of the primary reasons I even started Great Scenes Creative was to be in a place where I could do more for the advancement of the Kingdom. Matthew 6:33 says, ” Seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you.” My business is not just a personal thing for me, it’s a God thing. As I focus on being able to sow back into the Kingdom and letting that be my driving force, God turns around and gives me an abundance of clients and new opportunities, which allows me to have the other desires of my heart. With God on my side, I don’t worry for long because I can pull on Him in all kinds of ways. For example, when I’m feeling uncreative (hope that’s a word) I pull on the Holy Spirit, which is power from God that enables us to do any and everything. Read more>>

Roderick & Makai Walker | Kai’s Baking

The most important factor behind our success is being true to who we are. We make products that we love and we want to share them with others. As our daughter learned she had dietary restrictions we worked to develop baked goods that tasted good that still met her lifestyle changes. The same thing with Roderick, as he worked to lose weight we started to develop a keto/gluten-free line that created options that made it possible for him to get healthy and he embraced what worked for him to share with the customers. We bake real products that provide options that many felt were no possible with their lifestyle changes. Our customers have come to know us for our consistency, our customer service, and our flavor profile! We love being a part of so many people’s journeys!. Read more>>

Christie Johnson | Life Insurance Agent | Mobile Notary | GoDaddy Freelancer

I would say there’s many attributes behind my success thus far. If I had to pick one, I would say the most important factor would be my attention to detail. I work endless hours and will not complete a project until I feel confident knowing that my client will be 100% satisfied with end results. Although my business is not where I would like it to be, I am grateful for my awesome clients that have trusted me to help them take their small businesses to the next level with the services that I offer. I’ve grown to learn that what really matters in business is the overall quality, not the quantity. Additionally, communication is the runner up in my success. The key to any type of relationship, especially in the business world is to communicate. When working with my clients I keep an open line of communication no matter what. Communicating with my clients lets them know that I am working on their project and exemplifies a sense of urgency. This alone builds a rapport with the client and open doors for future business deals and potential clients. Read more>>

Tiffany Obeng | Children’s Book Author, Andrew’s “Career Day” book series

As the multi-published children’s book author of Andrew Learns about Actors (released 2020) and Andrew Learns about Teachers (released 2021), the most important factor behind my success is that I DEFINE my success. I am in control of what success looks like to me. For me, success is not only measured by money. For me, success is measured by the bigger picture. I created the book publishing imprint, Sugar Cookie Books, to provide fun, rhyming educational books that will be enjoyed time and time again by young readers, ages 2 to 8. The mission of Sugar Cookie Books is to make career day any day or every day by using books to introduce our children to various careers in an easy and entertaining format; and to inspire kids to aspire to be anything they want to be. I also wanted to publish books that had diverse character images as the industry is lacking children’s books that include people of color, especially in the genre of “what do I want to be when I grow up.” Read more>>