There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Regina Thorne-DuBois | Stage Manager, Drag Artist, Show Director & Producer

Brand success is something that I believe is difficult to define. Is your brand successful when it’s the most in-demand thing? Or is your brand successful when your vision for it becomes reality, money and popularity be damned? I believe in my case, the success of The Broad’s Way stems from the latter. In the early stages of my drag career, it was clear to me that performing musical theatre is what I wanted to do with my art. However, the majority of drag shows/bars/show directors don’t look for that type of performance style when booking their shows. So for a while, I had to suck it up and perform styles I wasn’t “into” in order to gain the “success” that so many drag performers craved. And while that led to plenty of bookings & tips, it wasn’t “success” to me. Read more>>

Amy Lejeune | Associate Executive Director

The primary focus of B.I.G. Love Cancer Care is to ease the childhood cancer journey. Our core mission is to meet the most vital and urgent physical, emotional, and financial needs of our pediatric oncology and hematology patients and their families through our 20 programs at six Texas-based hospitals, including all 3 Texas Children’s Hospital campuses and MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital here in the Houston area. Success for us is measured in the smiles of patients receiving items from their wish lists. It is in tears of gratitude shed by parents receiving groceries when money is tight. It is in the legacies of our namesake, Brooke, of my daughter, Paige, and many other precious children who left this earth much too soon but whose lights continue to shine through the work of B.I.G. Love. Read more>>

Taneka Walker | Manager & Nurse Practitioner

We believe our success has come from our consistency. We work to create a product and we work to put a process in place to ensure our customers get what they expect. We have had customers for several years that consistently support us and they state it’s our consistency and our courteous nature that keeps them coming back. Read more>>

Jessica Coane | President

Listening to our customers and making sure we provide them the value that we state our unique proposition offers: Making it easier for them to understand and maximize their miles and points. Read more>>

Stephanie Ferreira | Half Baked Cookies Owner

I genuinely care about my customers. I want them to have the best experience when they have a cookie from Half Baked and if it wasn’t the best experience I do my best to make it better. I treat my customers the way I would like to be treated and it’s just cookies. Read more>>