There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Marnie Kivela | Owner/Esthetician at Luxe Woodlands

I truly believe that my children, and my parents, are the most important factors behind my success. My parents have always tried to remind me that success, no matter what it’s in, is never a given. You really do have to want something bad enough to actually work hard for it. And that doesn’t guarantee success, so you have to know how to handle loss and defeat along the way as well. Joining the military right after high school was the first choice that I made in my life to set me on a successful path. My parents were surprised by my sudden decision to go into the military, and it was definitley not an easy road. I had to work twice as hard as the men I worked with and around to be taken seriously, There were times I suffered and felt lost and defeated. I wanted to quit, I wanted to fight back against the people that were constantly trying to bring me down and hurt me. Read more>>

Marissa Herrera | Houston Influencer

In a single word- authenticity. Since day one, what you see is what you get. I try my best every single day to be the real Marissa, who you see in stories is the same person you would see running errands at Target. Glam or no glam, I show it all. The struggles, the challenges, the insecurities, I talk about them all, in hopes of helping other women going through the same things to not feel alone. Read more>>

Gili Mor | Diamond and Engagement Ring Expert

The most important factor in the success of Diamond Exchange Houston is customer satisfaction. Our goal at Diamond Exchange Houston is always to get our customers the biggest and nicest diamonds for their budget. We are not a normal jewelry store like you might see in a mall. Diamond Exchange Houston is a wholesale diamond dealer that customers can shop at and eliminate the middleman. We offer a large selection of loose diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, and we also make custom jewelry. We are located in an office building and when customers come to shop with us they get a one-on-one experience where they can be educated about the diamonds that they are buying. Generally, most of the customers that we work with are somewhat educated in the diamond buying process because they have shopped and done comparisons online. Read more>>

Jannexee Serrano | Singer\Songwriter

I am a singer/songwriter. But most importantly I am a human having a human experience. I really do have the belief that God created us with individual talents and purpose. I stand with the belief that my purpose Is to bring awareness with my writing and music. Whether that be, when I write about our awful immigration system, my faith, or expressing my femininity. The most important factor is being true and growing. Read more>>

Brandi Walker-Brown | GEMS Program Manager (Cherish Our Children Inc.) & Owner of Delish Catering & Events

First off, I have to give all credit to God. There were so many questions I had growing up and not understanding why I went through things but I came to learn that I didn’t have those experiences for me but rather to help someone else. I didn’t have an easy life and nothing was given to me; however, I knew if I remained positive and worked hard, things would work out for my good. That’s the story behind my “success,” so to speak – Keeping God First and believing in the possibilities. Read more>>

Erik Anderson | Master Barber

I would say the most important factor of my success is consistency. Never giving up in the beginning when things were rough, and sticking to my game plan. Read more>>

Earl Bolden | Teacher Assist & Musical Artist

My most important factor behind my brand is keeping the people happy and making sure that I’m building a legacy to leave for my kid the success of my brand is keeping God first and allowing him to direct my path. Read more>>

Jimmy Johnson | Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Consistency. The GF Marketing Group brand has been in existence for almost ten years. One thing we’ve been able to accomplish is just to remain consistent. Through the ups and downs, the adaptations, strategic changes, brand adjustments – we stayed in our lane, ran our own race, and only competed with ourselves. Those that know us are familiar with the brand, first – it precedes us, and we attribute that to our determination to succeed. Read more>>

Diana Darr | Publicist & Designer

The number 1 thing that has kept my business successful is making God and my family a priority. When you’re starting out, you feel as though you need to be available to everyone else 24/7 so you don’t miss out on important opportunities for yourself or your clients. While it’s a valid concern, especially in the fast-paced world of music PR, I’ve learned that I’m much more productive when I give myself a chance to breathe, and I know my family’s needs are met. If I’m constantly worrying that I’m not giving them enough attention or missing out on important moments, I know I am not at my best. My main source of attaining new clients has been referrals from current and previous ones. When I finally had the courage to ask a few of them why they consistently referred my business to their peers, the response I received was that I made them feel like a priority and, in turn, like a member of my family. Read more>>

Kimberly Ikediobi | Founder & Chemical Engineering Student @ Virginia Tech

The most important factor of my success I believe is the amount of hair growth I’ve achieved by solely using my products. I post my progress on my instagram page (@naturalkuru) and when others see that the products are working on my hair, it gives them a reason to believe that it will work on theirs. I also think the transparency my business has is important. I’ve shown the stages of me formulating on my YouTube channel and I create a detailed description of each product and what it does for your hair. In packages, I also write a personalized letter to each customer so they know that they mean so much to me! Without the support of those believe in me, my success would not be nearly as much as it is today. Read more>>

Sheneese Rohelia | God-Gifted Visual Artist

I feel that the most important factor behind my success is that I absolutely love what I do! I did not start painting because I was thinking of ways to make money . This business started simply because I fell in love with creating art and I believe that people have loved it as well because they can see the love that I put into it. As people offered to pay the business was created! Whether a piece has been purchased from an individual or not for various reasons they often tell me how it has inspired them and how they love and can see the love that I put in and as a creative that means a lot to me and my success because these things help keep me motivated even in those rare moments when I may not feel like it. Another key factor that I feel goes right along with the success of my brand as a creative is that I am selling a piece of me and people that have gotten to know me can feel my spirit or good vibes because I am a person that loves people and loves to see people happy and I believe that also comes through in my work/brand. Read more>>

Andre Notice | Realtor, Speaker, Poet and Life Coach

The most important factor in my success would be desire. I wanted it bad enough to go through the growing pains, the sacrifice, the hardships, study, and whatever else came my way to reach what I wanted for myself out of my business. Read more>>

Dr. Evvie Smith | Pastor, Community Activist Entrepreneur

The most important factor behing my sucess is Prayer. Before I make any business decisions, I take them to God & I do not move until He answers. Ithas not failed me yet. Read more>>

OhSam | Artist, Producer & Model

I would say the most important part of my success is perseverance. There’s been a lot of things that many would consider a setback, but I kept my vision on what I wanted to do, always. We are given limited time on earth, ya know? We won’t be here forever. I rather chase what I want than say I never tried. People get embarrassed by failure, or lack of support, but it’s really all in your head. It’s on you to love something so deeply, that your expression is undeniable. Do whatever it takes. Everyone got their own struggle. It’s about how you persevere to get to the next level of the game. You gotta become even better. You reflect on it every once in a while like man I got through that, I could get through anything. It’s like you’re more equipped for the next. It’s a blessing. Read more>>

Tracy Pesikoff | Jewelry Designer/Artist & Pup Concierge

Authenticity has been the most important factor with the creation and development of both Lariats By Lily and The Pup Au Pair. My right-brained tendencies for imagination and emotional expression tap into the core of who I am making my work instinctual and organic. Thus, I feel successful because I am being true to who I am, what I have passion for, and what drives me. Read more>>

Trinisha Price | Owner and Operator of Unspoken Phases

Unspoken Phases team plays a significant role in the success of Unspoken Phases. It is essential to have a business-minded squad; those who can pray with you, support your every decision in visioned professionally and make sure to allow no room for slack. I could remember a time of being afraid, still believing in myself, and the team stood by my side through all obstacles to help me run this business successfully and smoothly. The cosmetic industry requires you have to stay current on the trends, therefore making sure that what we create is timeless. Content plays the biggest part of the growing of Unspoken, standing out in a over saturated market can be discouraging. The success of Unspoken Phases is studying and perfecting the craft as we will always win. Read more>>

DeAnn Rogers | The Paint Lady

I believe the most important factor behind my success is the diligence in never giving up & creating a Vision that people can Love!. Read more>>

Britini Baker | Balloon Stylist

I believe the most important factor behind my success and brand is that I’m consistent and I put 1000% into everything that I do. This has allowed me to retain repeat clients and have several referrals. I don’t have to spend a lot of time on advertisements because of the referrals and my repeat clients. Our work speaks for itself and it is of quality. Consumers want the assurance in knowing that their money and event is in good hands. Read more>>

Ashley Hart | Entrepreneur”

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is moving at my own pace. When I started Avenzi Clothing I was 16 years old. I wanted my own brand since elementary. My passion for designing and selling clothes was one of the main factors that contributed to my success as well because this is something that I dreamed about and wanted to make happen at a young age. Read more>>