Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Jacquie Burrell | Glow Architect

My business actually started from an idea that my two daughters, Layla and Mya had in 2012. Layla and Mya came to me one night and told me that they wanted to start a business. They were 5 and 10-yrs old at the time, so when they told me that they wanted to start a business, they had my full attention. They had their business plan scribbled on a notebook piece of paper and you should have seen the look on their faces, they were serious. How could I say no, right? Here I am a single mom going through a divorce and starting a business with my daughters! You would have thought I would have said, “girls lets wait a little while before we start, okay”, NOT! I didn’t think twice about it! I was all in! Their idea was to create all natural skincare products. Our first two products consisted of a sugar scrub and body mist. Why did they pick bath products? Great question! They loved bath and body products. We are bath and body product junkies!. Read more>>

Nancy Nguyen | Small Business Owner

Growing up my mom always talked about how she always wanted to own her own business, but raising three children she really didn’t have the time nor the funds. As I got older I wanted to fulfill her dreams through me, so I took my mom’s jerky recipe, created a brand with her name, and Mama Vann’s beef jerky was born. Read more>>

Marsha Strang | Exquisite/Extraordinary Pastry Chef

I believe Oprah said it best -“Find a way to get paid for doing what you love.Then every paycheck will be a bonus.”” I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed baking. When I was laid off from my joy 10 yers ago, it was a blessing in disguise. With my loving husband comfortably supporting us, I had time to hone in on one of my favorite hobbies- baking ! One day I said to myself, “Why not put your tasty treats out there and see if anyone wants to buy it? ” Sure enough,people we interested and the rest is history!. Read more>>

Ashton Verrengia | Female Founder- Method Pilates

With a passion for pilates and an entrepreneurial drive, Method Pilates was founded in 2017 by Ashton Verrengia. Ashton had spent over a decade as a serial entrepreneur in oil and gas but has always shared a love for fitness and community. After a low back injury, Ashton started pilates in 2013. She quickly fell in love once she discovered the true benefits and the incredible effect it can have on transforming one’s body. Ashton spent years training all over the country in pilates and trained in Houston with her college best friend Dani. As the passion grew, the lightbulb went off and Ashton and Dani combined forces to open the first Method Pilates. Ashton’s ongoing vision of creating a space that is not only a workout but is community focused and empowers people to be the best version of themselves is the ethos of Method Pilates. Read more>>

Ava Rodriguez | Beauty Entrepreneur & Owner of Hunney Cosmetics

I’ve had the dream of starting my own business since I was in high school, I just wasn’t sure what that business would be. I’ve had a couple of other entrepreneurial ventures before starting Hunney Cosmetics – a children’s boutique and a handmade bow shop. I quickly realized I was not passionate about either of them though! Hunney Cosmetics originally started as a retail beauty brand with a few wholesale orders here and there… but through those wholesale orders I found a true spark of joy and excitement. I found what I was most passionate about, helping fellow beauty entrepreneurs make their mark in the beauty industry by supplying them with quality skincare and cosmetic products. After just a few months, I rebranded as a wholesale and private label cosmetic company and it became my new mission to create an avenue that would help others succeed. Read more>>

Tami Vienn Allen | Licensed Professional Counselor – Mediator

I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years in the hair business as I owned and operated three salons over the years. I decided to retire from the business in 2016 and transition to my new career as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I worked a “job” for one year as an employee and I was miserable having to work on someone else’s terms. The thought of reporting in, limited income, office politics, and an overabundance of redundant paperwork made me realize that if I was going to do all of that, I would rather do it in my own business. In August 2017, I opened my own private counseling practice and worked part-time for three years until I realized I just could not work for anyone else, the office politics and governmental red tape was too much,
In December 2020, I made the decision to leave my full-time job and work in my private practice full-time. The pandemic had a positive impact on my business with the surge of people requesting counseling, so much so that I was able to replace and advance my income. Read more>>

Kendra Mills | CEO & Founder of Kards for the Kulture

Kards for the Kulture came about as a response to a need coupled with personal interest. I personally love greeting cards, but I also grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of representation in the stationery/greeting card industry. I’d find myself spending absurd amounts of time reading through all of the cards and still not finding anything that even remotely resembled my sense of humor or my physical appearance. Read more>>

Kelley Logans-Ali | Psychotherapist & Clinical Social Work Supervisor

I wanted to create a safe space for women of color to heal. After working for the State of Texas for 28 years I wanted to become my own boss which would allow me the freedom to help others as I pleased not be bogged down by red tape and the rules and regulations that I didn’t think promoted mental health. I wanted to be able to assist others on their journey to wellness while empowering them at the same time. Finally I wanted to be an example for my six children. Read more>>

Kiana Ybarra | Founder/Owner

I knew I wanted to start a business that I can pursue full time while also being a full time mom. I have always loved and admired Mom shirts, I always thought they were cute and catchy. But I have never seen any based around Latin culture. With the Latin sayings we use for our families. This is what drove me to start my own brand, I wanted to create a brand that not only represented the Latin culture but everyone at the same time. Read more>>

Pierre Russell | Entrepreneur & Fitness Professional

My thought process behind starting your own business is quite simple, do it! There is nothing more rewarding than waking up and doing what you love to do. There are countless people who wake up everyday doing the same thing, year after year and calling it a life. That is not living. Living is embracing the gifts you were given and sharing them with as many people as you can throughout your time on earth. This was the exact thought process I used when starting my own business. I wanted to share my abilities and knowledge to change lives. “Share your knowledge, it is a way to achieve immortality”-Dalai Lama. Read more>>

Annie Wade | Founder & CEO of Flight Club VIP

Flight Club VIP was started on the premise of fellowship, adventure, and exploration outside of the norm. I essentially combined my love for planning group trips for friends and social organizations with my love for travel which led to forming Flight Club VIP. My mission initially was to unite likeminded travelers while building a sense of community amongst congenial individuals who could share insights on flight deals, travel news, and popular hacks. Following those successful group excursions across the globe, it well positioned FCV for its metamorphosis from a travel club to a travel concierge company. Read more>>

Cher-Ron Thicklin | Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, Branding Consultant, TV Executive, & Your #1 Cheerleader

Eating and winning for our future. Being able to create millionaires, billionaires, zillionaires within our community. Everyone has something that they can bring to the table and we can all eat. Read more>>

Marina Crouse | Writer, Editor, and Writing Coach

I’ve dreamed of being my own boss for a long time but never really thought it was possible for me…then I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic and couldn’t fathom finding a new job in editing and writing at the start of such an unknown time. So, instead of job hunting immediately, I freelanced and wrote a novel and in the process I realized how much I loved helping other writers, so I fast-forwarded my dream and made it into a reality. I started coaching other writers late 2020, and launched my business as a writing coach in January 2021. And I’ve never looked back!. Read more>>