Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Miguel Guzman | CEO, Chief Strategist, Executive Creative Director at MG Media Productions

It all started with a simple idea. After I graduated from college from Sam Houston State University with a BBA in Economics, I took a study abroad trip for a couple of months traveling all over south-east Asia. Once I came back home, I knew that I wanted to keep on traveling and create something of my own. I wanted to start my own business. I was not sure in what industry, but I wanted to take risk, learn more about business, and live a life of passion and creativity. Read more>>

Alexis Shannon Mendoza | Real Estate Agent & Mother of 3

I chose to get into real estate for many reasons… and ultimately, I wanted a career where I could give back, help others attain their dreams…while also having the flexibility over my schedule to be a hands on mother and continue to practice art in my free time! In 2014, I began pursuing a career in real estate after returning from a year long sabbatical trekking the globe with my then fiancé, now husband! Read more>>

Juliana Naso | Designer

As a creative person, I was always craving a life with artistic freedom. Moving to the USA made me dive into my creations – the origami lampshades- that I began as a side job in Brazil. Starting my business was a challenge that put me out of my comfort zone and made me learn and develop new abilities. The main intention was to balance family life, artistic freedom, and financial income. And bit by bit as the Studio Pleat gets more mature I hope to achieve my goal. Read more>>

Natasha Young-Jarmon | Chef Instructor & Caterer Entrepreneur

My thought process in starting The Heir’s Table was to have a place of learning for all ages through experiences through food. As an adult I think back to all my great memories of my grandmothers were through food and family celebrations around the table. Learning how to cook from my grandmothers hand being the heir to all of their recipes, learning the processes using all five senses. Read more>>

Lataja Marshall | Wig Specialist

It all started at the age of 15 when I started modeling for my cousin hair company. Watching her build her company inspired me to become my own boss. I officially started my wig business at the age of 18 before heading to college. First I named it LacedByTae, which I didn’t really put much thought into it. Then, I renamed it Lavish Chic Collection. I started selling different beauty items such as lashes, lipgloss, t-shirts, shoes etc., which was not really my thing but I was just trying to figure out my niche. Finally I decided it was time to rebrand my business but this time I wanted to incorporate my future career field, pharmacy, so I renamed it The Wig Rx, home of the wig pharmacy. Read more>>

Ruhi Rastogi | Owner, F45 Training Rice Military & F45 Training Midtown Houston

A client once mentioned how she was a member at a gym for over 2 years but no one knew her and she knew no one. This got me triggered! We have stumbled upon a world where we have 2000 followers, we are amidst a solid crowd and yet perhaps lonely. Can you imagine going to a gym where you quietly observe the others doing exciting stuff but go to your same old treadmill? Can you relate to walking by the strength training machines but choosing a simpler one because you are too embarrassed to ask how those work? And of course, trainers are available to provide guidance but do they come at an additional price as part of the sales strategy? Read more>>

Bryanal Davis | Food Manufacturer

As a child I’ve always dreamed of starting my own business. I would watch television shows dealing with business and companies then imagine when my opportunity would manifest. Dreaming of a lifestyle of business has created a passion inside which makes me appreciate what and how my business presents. Read more>>

Robert Leslie Meek | Robert Leslie Meek aka J U N O | Music Producer & Sound Designer

When you’re first starting out in any industry, but especially the entertainment industry, there are a lot of walls placed in front of you. So many that at times it may seem like there’s no way that you can make it as a freelancer on your own. That’s hardly the truth. Prior to the pandemic I was regularly looking for the next opportunity I had to PROVE that I was capable of the job at hand. Sometimes that manifested itself in the form of an audition, sometimes it was taking a job I was way overqualified for because it might get me a foot in the door somewhere, sometimes it meant actively “clipping my own wings” so to speak, so that I could fly with a group that MIGHT get me to where I actually wanted to be. Read more>>

Niki Britton | Broker & Owner

Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamt of being my own boss! When I began my Real Estate career, I climbed the “ladder” very fast! Within my first year of real estate, I was a manager within my brokerage, and I was signing other Realtors to my team. Fast forward 2 years and I was on the road to opening my own office in Friendswood, TX. After being in the business for 3 years I learned all of the good, the bad and the ugly that my industry was built on. I decided that I wanted to build a Brokerage that was built on a solid foundation. Read more>>

Bianca Jean-Charles | CEO of Alamòd Boutique

My thought process behind me starting my own business was to gain financial freedom for one. I also wanted to provide a timeless piece of fashion to women who love to look good in great unique, quality clothes. Read more>>

Tremelody Robinson | Professional Self-Taught Cake Artist

My thought process behind starting my own business was to share my God- given talent with the world. I knew that this is what God ordained me to do. As I begin to ponder back upon my years in both middle and high school I begin to think about when I use to sell homemade cupcakes to my classmates, other students at school, and teachers and faculty. Not only did I sell them at school I sold them to a small customer-base that I established within my community. The cupcakes were selling really fast and it was unbelievable with the positive feedback I was receiving about the taste, how moist they were, how the icing melted in their mouth and left them with an eager anticipation for another bite. I was very ecstatic with the reviews and I enjoyed making cupcakes and seeing others happy. Read more>>

Venus Tran | Crafter

I originally never intended to start a business. It genuinely started from being bored and wanting to pass time. Read more>>

Anthony Jackson | Entrepreneur & Public Relations Consultant

The thought process behind starting Expedite Vending derived from wanting to become financially free. This is my first business and the inception of a journey toward accumulating wealth. Anthony Jackson serves as a Public Relations Consultant in the marketing industry while studying Business Administration at The University of Baltimore. He’s dedicated to spreading information about education within prison institutions. Read more>>

Casianne Hall | Personal trainer, gym owner!

I need to help as many women as I can! The confidence and self love I found in fitness needed to be shared. Read more>>

Chris Thomas | Music Producer, Musician & Engineer

Basically how can I go about attracting more people to my music. Making it more simple for people to find my music to listen to and to buy. Read more>>

David Dove | Musician, Founding Director of Nameless Sound

I had been working on a project that put my artistic practice to the service of community. My mentor, Pauline Oliveros, encouraged me to start a non-profit umbrellaed under her organization. Read more>>

Carlos Murillo | Founder and DJ at DJ 3:16

I’ve always loved music. Growing up in Monterrey I was always drawn to music. Whether it was hitting my moms pots and pans as if they were real drums to playing drums and percussions in my church. So when I saw the opportunity to bring entertainment to weddings, Quinceanera’s and parties as a DJ, I was more than convinced it was the right decision. Read more>>

Monique White | Tv Producer,Host & Founder

It’s very simple, I wanted to create a show that was positive and purpose driven. Read more>>

Alicea Davis | Bakery owner

I have always had a passion for baking and creating new and delicious baked goodies. God had laid it upon my heart to start my own bakery but fear of failure kept me from pursuing that dream. During Covid I was laid off from my 6 figure oil and gas job and knew the time had come to be obedient and to step out in faith to begin the process at the ripe old age of 62 Read more>>

Zaeed Kala | Artist, Instructor and Founder of Z Art Studio

I have always loved passing down my artistic knowledge to younger generations, but felt incredibly hindered by the public school system after teaching for 6 years. The students were great but the bureaucratic side of the system with the fake corporate smiles, void of any humor or actual human connection, along with the limited resources quickly became a huge hindering factor in realizing this dream. Read more>>

Becky O’Neal | Fine Artist and Designer

I love to create and enhance our living spaces where we live, work, and play. . Sharing my talent in design and Art builds connectivity with our community. Read more>>