Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Marcela Gaviria | Owner

I worked for 13 years since I was very young. I achieved everything that I dream professionally but I remember always thinking that I wanted to work for me not for others. I wanted to do something that I really liked and made me happy. I stopped working for 7 years to be a stay home mom but finally the right time came to start my own business at my own pace and without any pressure of having to be successful very fast. From the beginning I started with love and knowing that it was going to be a great small business that will make kids very happy and create great memories for them. Read more>>

Claudia Soto | Pilates Instructor & Business Owner

For me, the thought process of starting my own business has always been to create something bigger than myself. I was successfully building a reputation in fitness as a pilates instructor and I started to share more of my day to day workouts and clients through Instagram. Over time, I became aware of the influence I had on people through social media. Naturally, I am an introvert and I don’t often connect with strangers easily, but fitness gave me something to talk about that I was eager to share with anyone who followed me. Becoming a source of information or guidance in the fitness realm created a sense of purpose for me. But because I wanted people to connect with the information rather than the messenger, I created SWEAT + SOUL FITNESS. Read more>>

Janel Mayne | Personal Stylist & Occupational Therapist

I’ve always had the mindset of serving others. I went through my own wardrobe crisis as an Occupational therapist. I wore scrubs everyday to work. Little did I know that wearing the same thing over and over again was a good thing, until it’s not. I switched settings to a school position and I had to wear real clothes. I literally had nothing to wear and my wardrobe was a hot mess. I still had clothes from college in my closet, not to mention my closet was a disaster, and I wasted so much money and time at stores trying to figure out what to wear That’s when I got the idea for My Mayne Wardrobe, I wanted to help women learn how to style themselves and kick “uniform syndrome” in the butt so they can feel confident in the clothes they wear. I didn’t want another woman to go through the insecurity, frustration, and headache to get dressed everyday. Read more>>

Anita Myles | Professional Cake Designer

For as long as I can remember, my dad always had his own business and he encouraged us to find a trade that would enable us to be self employed. When I found my passion for baking, I really wanted to leave a legacy. I wanted my children to have something I created that would be around when I’m gone. Now I work alongside my daughter who will carry on the business in the future. Read more>>

John Tankersley

I wanted to offer professional-fun-safe experience after poor treatment at other facilities. Read more>>

Melissa Humphries | Founder & Wellness and Beauty Coach

As a women’s health and nutrition coach, I found women were seeking advice on living their healthiest life when it came to their food and lifestyle choices. However, the amount of toxins that they were using for beauty, anti aging and skin care, were causing damage to their overall health. I was inspired to create a line of skin care products that would actually deeply nourish the skin. Beauty Food was born! I don’t think women need to jeopardize their health in the name of beauty! Read more>>

Adrienne Langelier | Counselor & Sport Psychology Consultant

Simplicity. Compassion. Authenticity. Bringing those values to life in a real way to help make a real impact in the lives of others. I wanted my practice to be different than the others, not better, just different and I started from the ground up serving others on the continuum of mental health through peak performance. I am still working to master this to this day. Read more>>

Gloria Zenteno | Barrio Dogs Founder & President

It was out of necessity. I moved back to Houston’s East End where I was born and raised and was horrified with the amount of homeless dogs, dogs on chains, pregnant mamas, abuse and neglect for the animals was everywhere. It was the inspiration I needed to start Barrio Dogs. Read more>>

Lance Redmon | President

Wow, that’s a loaded question if I’ve ever heard one! My backstory is that out of college I started serving in my church as a youth minister. A few years later, I left with another staff member to start a church plant…my first experience starting something from scratch. After about 8 years at that church, I transitioned from being in full-time vocational ministry to the market place. I stepped into a sales role at a new senior living and quickly transitioned into a management role in a local building and then into a regional management role. Each of those experiences influenced the decision. I was able to see the impact that the culture of an organization played in its own success and well-being. It was obvious that the leader was able to affect the culture in ways that were either detrimental or essential to the company. Read more>>

Kim and Greg Kolanowski | Commercial/Advertising Photographers

There are two of us at Kolanowski Studio, Kim and Greg Kolanowski. Both of us have B.S. degrees in Photography and always had the idea of starting our own company. After working for other studios for a few years, we started Kolanowski Studio in 1989. We love that we work directly with our clients instead of using a staff of photographers. Read more>>

Joslyn Curley | Certified Life Coordinaator

I wanted to make difference in people. Allow them the chance to think and move forward in life. It was best that I creatively build a secure platform to describe how I feel first. Then, reach out to my connections and find representatives for a board that allows me to give and to receive. I wanted to be affordable for these that need services as well as those that need help meeting their needs. Cause you know life does get better… Read more>>

DeLeon Sudds | Creator & Founder

That’s a great question and my answer is simple. I wanted to help alleviate the stress and frustration black men had in regards to their beard journey. A lot of times as men we get frustrated quickly if things don’t seem to fall in to place for what we want. Although that may seem like a fault its just the way we are and i wanted to help change that. Read more>>

John Daniels | Lighting Designer & Manufacturer

My wife and I were inspired to design and manufacture lighting when we came up empty in our own search for lighting to fill our newly renovated home. We really wanted quality lighting that was also unique. As a licensed electrician, I knew I could figure out the electrical components. After a bit of trial and error, we handcrafted all of the light fixtures for our home. Encouraged by family and friends who visited our home, we founded J Knox Designs in 2013. Read more>>

Marti Ewing | Yoga Therapist

I have always had an entrepreneur spirit. I enjoy all the creativity that goes into creating a business and never been too afraid of taking a risk. In fact, I had a few businesses before opening my private yoga practice. I went in with eyes wide open. It is not always the easiest path , but I find satisfaction from not only doing what I love but doing something that helps others so much! After working for about five years in Medical Sales , marketing pharmaceuticals and pain devices to physicians that work primarily with pain patients I began to wonder if there was not a better way, I saw many patients suffering from addiction and the vicious cycle of pain. I ask myself what if people could address the pain response in the body in a different more wholistic way. Read more>>

Sonal Kulkarni | Business Owner

Most entrepreneurs begin their journey by falling in love with the solution to a real problem they perceive. That is to say, it’s not as common to find someone who sat down and thought, “What business should I start?” Rather, the majority of entrepreneurs recognize a problem that exists and build their business around a solution. Whether this is a problem they have personally experienced, or something their friends, family, or those in their current industry wish they had access to, these small moments of “man, I wish that existed,” often serve as the spark that inspires a new business. Similarly I had a health problem for years which I struggled with after going through several options and so called treatments, i finally found my balance with some medical intervention and the right kinds of exercise, I decided that this is what I want to share with my community. Read more>>

Gina-Marie Vincent Runnels | The Tiny Studio Owner

I created the Tiny Studio in 2016. I had been teaching in a variety of private schools in Houston for about 6 years. I was a music/theatre teacher and I honestly did not feel I was able to make the biggest difference for my students. There simply wasn’t enough time. Not enough individual time and attention, which is something I’m a big proponent of in the arts. I decided to leave formal education and create a space for students to create, express, heal, find courage and feel empowered. The arts is such an intimate offering, specifically voice, that at times it can feel overwhelming and scary. My intention in each lesson is to remind my students that their gifts and talents are already within them. I believe we all have the ability to express through our voices and it’s my job to encourage my students that their voice matters. All voices matter, and when my students take that on- magic happens; and that’s what I’m committed to offering! Read more>>