Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Stephanie Green

The thought process behind starting my own business was filled with excitement and anticipation. The idea of having the freedom to shape my own professional journey while also having the availability to be there for my family was incredibly thrilling. Read more >>

Jerome Jones

My thought process behind starting my own business was to make sure we are creating a business that helps and pushes forward the culture that has given me my identity. Hip-Hop has been my love and passion for 20 years, so to create a place for rappers, singers, songwriters and enthusiasts to learn about the history, the trends, and the craft itself was something my Co-Founder Mickey Factz and I felt like was so necessary in this day and age. Read more >>

Veronica Betancourt

My thought process behind starting my own business was driven by a combination of factors. Firstly, having worked in the traditional wedding industry for a considerable time, I realized that I never envisioned myself having a traditional wedding. This realization sparked an interest in exploring alternative options, leading me to discover the concept of micro weddings. Read more >>

Brhian Mathieu

My thought process behind starting my business is my passion for cooking. I’ve always loved to cook, so that then became my dream that I turned into a reality “owning a food business”. Read more >>

Cortney Robinson

I actually didn’t specifically think about starting my own business. I began working from home as a transcriber back in 2008 in order to stay home with my son. After transcribing for the better part of a decade, I noticed that I kept hitting an income ceiling and that was not comfortable. I began to look into Virtual Assisting and realized that the CEO of the agency that I transcribed for needed a virtual assistant. I offered my services and he accepted. Read more >>

Uchenna Ofobuzo

When I created the Sophomore Magazine I had just dropped out of college for one semester. I knew once I got home I had more free time so I needed to tap into my creative side that I used to suppress because I was in school. The Sophomore is almost like my baby. It’s the beginning of Uche tapping into who I always knew I would be. Read more >>

Big Bae

I always knew that i was different. I always knew i was meant to live and work on my own terms. I can’t be out into a box so because of that I’ve always been uncomfortable at any job I’ve ever worked at! I wanted something of my own! I wanted something to call mine ! I wanted to take my passion and put drive behind it. Read more >>

Slade Deliberto

The 2-part process of starting my own business, gFORCE Animation Inc. was to push myself as an artist into many different industries and work on projects that I have never worked on before. This helps me to push my artistic and creative skillset and continue to learn new software and tools in order to achieve the vision of the client. I need constant variety and challenges in my life as an artist. The other part was to have more freedom by working mostly in my home studio and generating more income for myself and my family. Let’s face it, everything has gotten so stupidly expensive. that you need other ways to generate income. Read more >>

Josh Schwaiger

Our goal was to create something that our family and friends could be proud of. Your legacy is the long lasting impact you leave behind, we can only hope to be the half the example that was set out for us. Read more >>

Kristin Hardin

My thought process for Mended was providing a service for where I grew up and surrounding counties and where we currently call home, to make permanent jewelry or custom jewelry affordable so everyone can enjoy it. I also needed the flexibility to make my own schedule due to being diagnosed with Menieres Disease and needed a way to afford treatment options. Read more >>