Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Dana Abramovit | Scientist, Entrepreneur, Bar Method Instructor & Studio Owner

I am a biochemist by training and started my education in pharmacy, so I have always been interested in and worked adjacent to the health care industry. I was much more interested in the business-side of science and health, though, and left academia to work at a startup. One startup led to another until I found myself in Houston in 2016. While I soon realized soon after moving that the job was not the right fit, I found Houston was the perfect fit, and I knew I landed there for a reason. I turned back to my roots of health care and my passion of health and wellness with a goal of making health and wellness available to all and promote strong, healthy communities. It was at that point I began to explore opening my own business. I discovered The Bar Method in California after business school and loved how it was an accessible, achievable, and fun form of fitness. Read more>>

Jacob Spacek | Canvas Builder and Artist

When I started JS Canvas, I had recently been let go from a decorative painting job, which was the best job I had ever had up until then, and I spent a lot of time sitting around my apartment thinking about what to do: Where should I apply for a new job? What kind of career path did I want to pursue? Should I just get a restaurant job to pay the bills? All sorts of things like that. So, I’m trained as an artist and I had a pretty large network of artists friends in Houston, and I wanted something that would allow me to still have time to paint, and I wanted something that allowed me to stay connected in the art world, and all of the sudden I had an epiphany: I don’t know anyone who builds custom canvases. From there, I thought that is a service that I want for myself and I thought about for a day or two and I decided I would go for it. And here I am, four years later and I haven’t looked back since. Read more>>

Adam Bethea | Caricature Artist

My thought process on starting own business : well had been doing these custom like caricature pieces forgoing away Gifts and the reaction from the customers and others was purely amazing.. I had asked God to somehow get me back into Art and this was my prayer answered.. I thought to myself that hey why not make this my own little side business. So I thought about it and did some homework on it and here we are. Read more>>

Imani Phillips | Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, Comic Creator

My Thought process was simple, that is to, use my skills and talent for me. After I graduated from college in Digital Media Specialization, I created my portfolio and sent in applications in my field to over 200 jobs. I rarely heard back, but when I got opportunities to do interviews, I didn’t feel like the organization was for me. My mom always told me to work for myself, so that’s what I started doing. I realized that my business was just as credible as any company I was looking to work for. I began to use my design skills to create my own brand identity. I found my niche and started to understand my audience, to run my business. Read more>>

Audra Marie | Face & Body Artist

I’ve worked at different theme parks from Six Flags Astroworld to the Galveston Pier and I’ve seen various ways that people have ran face painting businesses and felt that I could do just as well if not better. I’ve always been a observer so I watched how people handle certain situations within our business and took note whenever possible. Read more>>

LaKeidra Petters | Hair Stylist & Beauty Supply Owner

Making myself a world known hair boss was the thought process to my business. I wanted to provide services that everybody needed and that I was extremely knowledgeable about. As of now I am a mobile hair salon and beauty supply that provides the essentials to keep your hair Vibez on PERFECT. Many years of working as a hair stylist i noticed that when clients needed hair related products they went to the hair stores only to be dissatisfied with the products and the way they were being treated. Most times when people shop at local hair stores they don’t provide you information with the best products for your hair type but general products meant only to keep you shopping, and not to specifically properly care for your hair like a professional stylist would. Read more>>

Chris Ardoin | Designer · Musician

The thought process behind founding Three On The Floor was an organic process of discovery. It wasn’t necessary a pre-scripted formula that was followed, however looking back at its development over time and current position in the market, it does fill a unique niche that can be broken down and understood through the process and direction it paved. If I were to attempt to caption the current thought process behind the business, it would be that the business offers a stage for these vintage instruments. It captures a particular beauty in the instruments through the presentation. This exposes the artistry and craftsmanship of the instruments while also minimizing the uncertainty of ‘condition’ when purchasing vintage instruments online. Read more>>

Dr. Gregory D.L. Daniel, Esq | Attorney | Drummer (Brian McKnight) | Realtor | Business Consultant

I always knew that I would be a solo practitioner from the time I started law school. When I started, as I am now, I was already touring with Brian McKnight, and had no intentions of stopping. So I knew I needed flexibility to be able to do that, as well as stay active as a real estate agent. When Covid hit, I was even more convinced because I knew, even if I wanted to go to a firm, the job market would be practically non-existent for a while. Ultimately, the flexibility is not only about being able to do what I want, but also remove boundaries on how I am able to use my knowledge and experience to help clients. For my entertainment/artist clients, they get not only an attorney, but a creative; they get someone that not only take actions to protect them legally, but can also talk shop and music with them, as well as offer guidance and real input on anything from music publishing to performance. Read more>>

Roxi Fam | Chic Petite Affordable Fashion Blogger

Growing up, I would always watch Michelle Phan’s YouTube channel on beauty and inspirational content. I felt like I had a “big sister” in her because she was so relatable. I have always loved beauty and fashion. I would also visit Wendy’s Lookbook blog website after finding her YouTube video on ways to style a scarf. Wendy’s fashion was so sophisticated and it allowed me to express my love for fashion whenever I could not afford to go on a shopping spree. I have always admired Michelle and Wendy but never thought that one day, I would become a content creator, myself. Due to my love of fashion, I thought that it was time for me to take the leap of faith and become a fashion blogger. I am so glad that I took the leap of faith as so many blessings have come from just believing that I, too, can do it. Read more>>

Jaborie Rucks | Music Exec | Owner or

My thought process behind starting my own business was making legal money. My goal was I need to be able to display my talents without having to watch my back I rather do something I love while making money and setting my own schedule. Read more>>

Michael Landrum | Executive Coach and Workshop Instructor

For the first 32 years of my career, I worked in the energy industry in Human Resources. The majority of that time was spent in Talent Management, which includes leadership development, employee development, talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, etc. I really loved all of those facets of my work. Additionally, I led succession planning, identifying future successors and helping them prepare for upcoming opportunities within the company. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction working in Human Resources. I could see people taking on new challenges as they grew and shaped their careers. And I enjoyed seeing the success, development and growth of those in my group. It’s good to know that you can make a positive difference for the organization, and especially for the individual. Read more>>

Katie Connolly | Freelance Graphic Designer

I wanted to start branching out and working directly with clients—you don’t necessarily get that one-on-one experience in a corporate environment depending on your position. Working closely with clients allows you to design and grow without constraint, whereas in a corporate environment, you’re normally confined to the brand guidelines you’re working with. While I can appreciate aspects of both business structures, I lean more towards freelancing because you have the opportunity to work on a variety of new projects, each one unique per the client’s goals and desires. This, of course, isn’t always the case and there are certainly exceptions to each method of business, I’m only speaking from my own experience in the field. Read more>>

Timothy E. G. Bartel | Poet and Editor of Californios Press

After writing and publishing poetry seriously for a few years, I began to see a need in the poetry world: I knew many poets who, like me, wrote more traditional, formal verse who were having trouble finding venues to publish their poetry collections. Further, many of the poets I knew shared a unique approach to poetic subject and form: we were poets from California who were interested in the religious and cultural history of California and how it stood in relation (and disrelation) to the cultures that had shaped it: indigenous cultures, Spanish colonial culture, Asian immigrant cultures, Anglo-American culture and, further back, the Christian and classical roots of europe. Thus I slowly began, first as a literary review, and then as a chapbook series, publishing the creative writing of writers I knew who were interested in exploring these things. Read more>>