Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Beth Holbrook | Creator of All Things Crafty

The biggest thing I wanted was to be able to stay at home with my son and be active and involved in his school activities. I love being able to be there for him and my husband, but also getting to do what I love, being crafty and making things. Read more>>

Cammeo Murray | Blogger | Digital Marketer | Personal Stylist

Before I decided to start my own business – I was at a crossroads in my career. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled anymore in my role as a digital media supervisor on the ad agency side. I was completely burnt out. I also knew I wanted to start a family and working 60+ hours a week with travel every other week was never my idea of what motherhood would look like for me. I admired the women who chose to climb the corporate ladder and seemed to find a way to manage it all, but I just knew at the end of the day it wasn’t for me. I had an opportunity to work for as their digital marketing manager, and for me it was the perfect shift that would allow me to take on a rewarding role with a boss who was very supportive of me starting something I was passionate about. So I launched my style blog Cammeo Head to Toe and began taking on friends/coworkers as clients to start honing my personal styling skills. Fast forward a few years and I was a new mom standing in front of that same crossroads I faced before. Read more>>

Kaiy Smith-Biesman | Aka THEsommmom and I Guess I Would Call it a Charcuterist

So when it came to starting my own business I thought this could be something fun I did on the side because I was already a sommelier and lead wine tastings. Cheese and wine naturally go together so it seemed like a perfect addition but I never realized 3 years ago that this was going to turn into a full blown business so it was a bit of an accident. About 2 years ago charcuterie and graze boards became trendy and just blew up. Read more>>

Mel Tello | BE Founder & E-RYT 500

I started BEYOGA with the passion for leading trainings to others about yoga and pilates. I am a passionate student of movement, anatomy and the resilience of the human body. When I came to Houston and learned that all the many wonderful programs, none do what we do which is give people all the tools to lead a balanced, creative class to lead all levels. I can proudly say we have one of the best, well rounded and well regarded programs in the city. Our method of teaching works because of the way we lead content and we limit our programs to a smaller number of participants so everyone gets the attention they deserve. Read more>>

Leah Whitley | International Board Certified Lactation Consultant| Founder/Owner of SOS Lactation

I became interested in breastfeeding after the birth of my first daughter. An exceptionally skilled lactation consultant paid me a home visit when I was struggling. It completely changed my breastfeeding journey. By the time I was expecting my second daughter I was well on my way to making a career change and becoming a certified lactation consultant. After years of working in hospitals and clinics I wished to help women in more effective ways. Because of my experience I understood that what was needed was efficient and timely care, especially when mothers are most in need of support before giving up on breastfeeding. That is when I decided to start SOS Lactation. Read more>>

Angélica Rahe | Artist & Musician

I’m an independent artist, so having my own business allows me to maintain ownership and control over what I create and how it’s put out into the world. Everything from which photographers I work with to who mixes my album are things that I want to be involved in, and oftentimes artists give that up when they sign to a label. Having my own business is one way I can guide my own career and, by extension, own my creative expression and art. Read more>>

Nicholas Phat Nguyen | Founder-Designer

I moved to Houston when I was 15 as international student. When I was in my last year of college, I decided to stay in US and start my new life. There was a lots going on during that time actually. My family wanted me to go back to Vietnam and help with family business and I, I wanted to stayed. I was in a relationship then, so that influenced my decision quite bit. So I wasnt so sure of what am I going to do, whether with my job or where to stay. Then my relationship tore apart, it was a really bad break up and somehow through my darkest time, I found the light. I applied for Austin Fashion Week, and within one week, I created a 12 pieces collection on my own without knowing how to sew or to construct a garment. And to be honest, at that time all I wanted was to keep myself busy so I can stop thinking about the pain. After the show, I guess my grandma (who I look up to my whole life) saw something that she might never seen before – that I am truly happy and passion with what I do. Read more>>

Estela Cockrell | Founder, Switch2Pure, Clean Skin & Bodycare

My thought process was never about “starting a business” it was about taking my passion and experience with health, wellness, and beauty and sharing that with others. Through the passion, the business found me. Read more>>

Sheila Rivera | Immigration Attorney

I wanted to help the immigration community with integrity and honesty. Read more>>

Jenn Donaldson | Jenn Donaldson, Owner/Lead Florist Designer

It kind of happened by surprised. It was in the beginning stages of Covid and I found myself bored, depressed and feeling like I did not have a real purpose. It was actually a very dark time in my life. You see, my best friend had passed away unexpectedly, and it tore my world apart. I have an amazing husband who thankfully has provided me the privilege of being able to stay home and dedicate myself fully to raising our three incredible kids. I had completed my nursing degree but was battling the reality that I simply could not handle the high levels of stress that came along with being in the medical field. Just the thought of working full time started taking a large emotional and physical toll on my body. However, my kids were now teenagers who no longer needed me as they once did. I was in this weird self pity phase where I was overwhelmingly proud of their independence and accomplishments yet saddened that they no longer needed me as they once did. One day I received a call from a wedding venue near me. Read more>>

Candice Lovett | Web Designer

With Hello Candy, there was never a real thought that happened until after I really began gaining clients. I’ve always been fascinated with computers. Along with that I’m very big on teaching myself how to do things. I created my own small website for two other businesses ventures that I have and then people began reaching out to me to do their websites. It’s something that I really enjoy and hope to become an expert at with more time. Read more>>

Elaine Almeida | Queer Illustrator and Scholar

I’m really joyful and grateful that I started my business as a response to demand, instead of rushing and creating buzz/demand myself. After the first summer of posting my illustrations on Instagram, my DMs were starting to fill up with both light hearted and serious requests for prints. It got to a place where I needed a more organized, professional system than simply running a business through DMs. During my undergrad I had the opportunity to work for a phenomenal photographer, so I learnt how to handle ordering and shipping prints there. Once I started selling prints, I was very conscious to stay away from Society6 and other sites where the profit margins go almost completely to a third party, and the artist has low control over price. My goal has always been to create affordable, accessible art. My shipping is free across the United States, and all of my prints are under $30. I’m not interested in creating an unsustainable empire—I want to bring tenderness into folks’ lives, and I believe my business should reflect that as well. Read more>>

Aesha Egbuna | Personal Jeweler & Ladysmith

I have loved crystals and stones since I was little. As an adult I found that love again while making jewelry for my wedding. Less than a year later my husband joined the navy. I wanted to have a way to support my family in all ways. At the time we had 2 kids and having my own business allowed me to be there for them, support my husband and provide at the same time. I can also do what I love from wherever we get stationed. Read more>>

Bailey McAndrew | Co-Owner of Daily Productions

With my background in film (and Dillan’s background in photography) you are never guaranteed a job. We wanted a chance to take control of our futures and give ourselves opportunities. What started as a late night thought drawn up on a white board in my bedroom, quickly turned into the blooming production company we own today. It’s actually funny how things work out. We originally created a business outline for a social media marketing agency. We had solid plans and were talking to potential clients about running their social platforms. We knew we wanted to do SOMETHING with our film and photography background so we offered promotional videos to these potential clients and that’s what stuck! When we had a schedule full of promo videos being made for clients, we decided to re-think our original plan. Now, since Daily Productions launched October 2019, we have both been able to fully invest ourselves into the growth of Daily Productions and have plans to expand in the near future. I think it’s important to take control of your own destiny. Read more>>

Chelsa King-Carr | Photographer- Crowned by CK Photography

I have always had a love for photography since I was young. After college and after starting my first full time well paying job Invested in my first camera and lens. My goal was and continues to be, capturing authentic moments and memories that we can revisit. Ask any mother or grandmother out there, there is noting like pulling out old photo books when the family is together for the holidays, or a new addition to the family that must be showed the most embarrassing photos of that persons significant other in their youth. Read more>>

David Settle | Entrepreneur | DJ | Author

Get rich and make a lot of money! 😂 But seriously, what many fail to realize is that I started my first business when I was only in college, I was incredibly young, and somewhat unrealistic in my expectations. As a matter of fact, it was a class project that my professor encouraged me to pursue. What began as a mere hobby and side hustle – just DJ’ing parties, and events here and there, eventually grew into a multiple six-figure wedding enterprise! Plus, while in college… all my friends were getting married who needed a DJ, so I had a ripe clientele base to get me started. Read more>>

Steven Montoya | Firefighter & Creator of Wave DaDDy Plus+

Im really into hair care. I never even thought about selling my own hair product. I always wanted something natural to put in my hair. A lot of the other hair product have ingredients I cant even pronounce. lol. So I did research on some of the hair products I was using and I just was not with it. I started looking at natural oils and butter and made my own pomade. I gave it some thought and asked myself ” Will people really buy this?”. I started off small with samples and before I knew it people started ordering. It really caught me off guard because I didnt expect the response and support that I received. Read more>>

Zane Mussulman | Owner of Clutch City Coatings, LLC

I’ve always had a knack for being a business owner. In 2016 I found myself at a cross road when I was laid off by NOV. I had a lot of time invested in my craft but I knew something was always missing. Being that my hobbies included cars abs guns I noticed that powder coating was getting very popular in these two fields. After some research I decided to take the leap. Read more>>

Alexis Kuri | Co-founder and Creative Director

After graduating from college, I decided to pursue my dream of become a fashion designer. I then chose to get a second degree in fashion design instead of a Master Degree. Once I graduated from Istituto Marangoni, I found an intership at a NY based digital showroom. I had many roles but one of them included reaching out to up and coming brands. It was about 5 months into my internship that I realized I could be one of the small brands I reached out to. This might be when you think that this was an obvious thought after graduating from school. But you have to remember that most schools train you to work for someone else- never yourself. Anyways, it was then when i realized I could start my own brand. I had the name but I needed some help with the business part of it. That is when I reached out to one of my best friends, Luisa, and it was in February of 2018 that we had our first meeting as business partners and co-founders of Nour de la Garza. Read more>>

Lucy Gross | Co-Founder of SAGE Studio & Director of External Relations

My business partner, Katie Stahl and I, met working at an arts-focused day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities here in Austin. There were so many amazing artists but we wanted a wider audience to be exposed to the work. In 2017 we co-founded SAGE Studio, initially working out of my living room with one artist, Rick Fleming. A little over a year later we took the plunge and signed a lease on a refurbished shipping container in East Austin. The space functioned as a studio space for Austin-based artists and doubled as a gallery to exhibit the work of artists with disabilities across Texas. It was our goal to integrate the voices of SAGE’s artists with the medley of talented artists in Austin’s contemporary art community. Read more>>

Dandee Warhol | Art Director | War’Hous Founder

When I first started War’Hous, I saw a void in the scene and something was missing. There were tons of gallery in town, but none of them were showing up and coming artists, specifically street artists. So I saw a niche in the game and moved forward with the business. Once we finally opened, the flood gates were let loose and it just snowballed from there. We’ve been in the game for 11 years now, and pride ourselves on starting a gallery that provided a voice for those who didn’t have a platform. Read more>>

Andrea Karow | Interior Designer | Lover of all Things French.

Since high school I was rearranging my bedroom, styling my shelves & swapping out my bedding. As the years went by, I would help family & friends with their spaces. Spaces turned into houses and then there was a flurry of referrals. It was a fun experience and realized that while I was self-taught I had the skills and could create something out of what was just a hobby. I then decided to create an LLC and everything fell into place from there! I really wanted to start a design firm that the average person could reach out to. So often you hear designers are costly and are only for the wealthy. That’s not the case! I strive to provide an affordable approach to design which has been the fundamental focus of my business. Read more>>

Cindy Alcazar | Home Baker

In the beginning it was something fun and creative to do for my family, later with practice I became passionate and turned it into my hobby. which then led to starting my business. Read more>>

KaTina Poe | Certified Nurse-Midwife

Honestly, I was growing tired of the system. I was tired of pouring into a system that did not give back to me. I was also wanting to grow in my practice an I felt that I had reached a ceiling and the growth that I want to achieve is not in the system anyway. I cannot continue to build another’s business, I must build my own. IT seemed like the only way forward. Read more>>

Sharde Chapman | Boudoir and Branding Photographer

When I began my photography business I did not have much of an idea where I thought my niche should be. For years I had been encouraged by friends and family to consider doing photography as a side hustle because I was good at it. At the end of 2019 I invested in a group mentoring program for boudoir photography and sort of found my interest there. I was already developing a bit of an editoral eye to how I shot portraits but boudoir just seemed like somewhere I could really be comfortable and postively impact my client’s lives. My goal continues to be to help women who are nerdy and quirky to feel empowered and baddass; to allow them to really see their essence in portrait form and display it whether in boudoir or their brand. Read more>>

Gary Young | Partner

Evelyn’s uncle (Paul, Lost Ruby Ranch) was talking to us about his farm. I grew up on a small farm and helped my grandfather, during the summers, on his ranch. Living in the suburbs, I missed being able to stretch and not touch my neighbor’s house. Evie and I both knew that we did not want to remain in Houston for the rest of our lives. We spent about ten days with Paul, working on his farm. We also began taking caprine management classes at Prairie View A and M as well as Langston University in Oklahoma. Evie’s dad said we could use his land to build the farm. In August 2017, we began this business with twenty-four Saanen does and one buck. In three years, we have expanded to 126 does two bucks and are in the middle of kidding (birthing) season. We expect to have 170-180 goats by the end of this year. Read more>>

Chelsie Ward | Health Practitioner and Energy Healer

Our purpose never changes…. No matter the job. The interesting thing is, I’ve been called a healer for a long time. But I chose wellness for a very specific reason. It had to do with my own healing journey. I sometimes refer to it as my story of pain to passion to profit. I’ve earned a lot of different credentials from the healing industry since 2004, but more than that I used to be the exact person I love helping today. I was sick as a child, but in my 20’s I was reminded every day about my ADD, upset tummy, disordered eating, weight and metabolism issues, food addiction, hair loss, chronic fatigue, allergies, hypothyroid, migraines, perimenopausal symptoms at age 27, and the fact that I was completely burned out. After getting sick in almost every organ system and being told medication and surgery was the way out, I hit the bottom of my sad little existence and started looking for a better way. As a nurse, I thought I knew a lot about the human body. Read more>>