Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Naya Fernandez | Balloon stylist

I’ve always been a risk taker. When I was younger that quality use to get me into a lot of trouble, but now I realize success and risk taking go hand in hand. Ive always loved art, I’m a very creative person, so when I stubbled on a few YouTube videos of balloon decor I knew I had to try it. I fell in love almost instantly. I ordered about three hundred dollars worth of balloons and an electric pump off of Amazon. My first garland was awful but after the third attempt I was happy with what I had made. Read more>>

Justin Estrada | Vocalist, Guitarist and Songwriter of DIOSA

Starting the band itself was pretty risky. Previously I was in another band and we would try to write music. Over time it became apparent to me that I was the best musician/songwriter in the band. I felt like I wasn’t reaching and using my full potential. I realized I could do it all myself. I risked leaving those guys to start a brand new band and try to find new members that would be interested. Would they be on board with me being writing the majority of the songs? To follow along with my vision and dream the way that I envision it? And to make it a reality? Read more>>

Julio Cuotto | Garage Door Service Professional

I strongly believe that there’s no chance unless you take one. It’s important to take risks both life and career wise, you never know where they might take you. Read more>>

Mark Plunkett | Former public school teacher and current minister

Changing from science to education as my major in college was a big risk. My parents were convinced that I should go into medicine and become a veterinarian (which had been a dream). However, college-level science was far too difficult for me to properly master. When I switched to education, I felt like I was putting on an old favorite coat that I had lost in the closet for a long time – and it fit perfectly! I had a long and enjoyable career as a public school teacher – 29 years. My long-term plan was to teach until I could draw a retirement pension from the state and then switch to either another state or a private school. Read more>>

Christine Osakwe | Event Planner & Interior Designer

I am a huge believer in risk taking! While at college, I noticed that I had a flair for interior design and decor. My friends would marvel at how easily I was able to take abandoned furniture that people saw as scraps and make something beautiful out of it. With no formal training or real experience, I helped plan and decorate my apartment for a friend who was celebrating her birthday. I put my heart, soul, sweat and blood into it. In the end, it turned out well, so well that when she posted it online, people started making enquiries. Soon, I was getting booked to plan and decorate events. Read more>>

Helena Paschal | Public Relations Event Planner

The foundation of my success is education and resilience. I look at risks as opportunities to learn, change, and make progress. I believe you can only fail if you quit. I don’t fear taking risks because I know they are essential for growth. When I decided to become the first in my family to graduate college, I didn’t know how to do it but I did it. When I moved to start my own business, I didn’t know anyone but I knew my services wouldn’t be valued in my hometown. When I decided to travel throughout the country to offer my services, I didn’t personally have the money to do it but my business afforded me the opportunity to impact thousands of people in the nation. You don’t need to know how, you just need to know anything is possible and go for it! Read more>>

Salma Khetani | Cake Artist and baker

When I decided to quit my job and start my own business, it was a huge risk. I had no idea how it would turn out without any formal training. I was just depending on my research in library ,watching you tube, tv shows, and trail and error in my kitchen at home. I am not a social person either, so marketing and building a clientele network was another challenge. I took a leap of faith and just went for it. I still take risks everyday by trying new techniques and experimenting with new flavors. When someone comes with a thought , a vision, or what their dream cake is, it’s a challenge for me and i love it. It gives me opportunity to learn new techniques and I trust myself to execute them. Read more>>

Reyna Curtis | Houston Loc Fairy

I believe that the true meaning of living your life begins with taking risks. Risks are scary and unpredictable, but that just makes it even more exciting to me. I knew that I would beat myself up later on in my life if I never stepped out on faith and took this risk. Whether it’s in my personal life or professional career, I always follow my heart. I took a risk leaving my full-time job as a medical secretary to become a Loctician. That job provided stability for me and long term employment, but it was not where my heart lied and I was miserable every single day doing something that I did not truly love to do. Read more>>

Jeni Nipper | Licensed Esthetician & Certified Acne Specialist

As some would say, with no risk..comes no story. Something I have always kept close to my heart is that I would rather be successful and uncomfortable than be unsuccessful and comfortable. Taking risks played a huge role into what my career as an esthetician has become. I was always told in school that it was not a good idea to jump into having your own business fresh out of school because of the potential of failing.. but taking that chance didn’t scare me; I knew that I had to do what I could do and forget the rest. Furthermore, it is a year later and my small business as a licensed esthetician and acne specialist has flourished. I have impacted so many peoples lives, made so many relationships and have created a name for myself. I am so proud of myself for taking the risk because it has definitely paid off. Read more>>