Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Raquel Johnson | Lash Extensionist / Salon Owner

Risk taking is the only thing that will separate you from others. There are so many people out there that have amazing business plans or ideas, but they are too afraid or too comfortable to make that change in their lives. As for me, the risk I took definitely changed my life and I’m so happy I stuck with it. I feel like I’m setting a good foundation for my family and my employees future. Read more>>

Ty Pickett | Photographer

The thing about risk taking is that it is very necessary , how do you know how far you can go in life IF you don’t take risk ? I use to be afraid of taking risk, until i realized that I needed to take chances and put myself out there rather I failed or not . Read more>>

Danni Bee | Entrepreneur

I used to be comfortable with my life not willing to take risk always asking “What if”.. One day it just clicked for me nothing will change unless I made a change . I told myself without great risk and challenges there’s no rewards. Fearfulness of failing and not taking on risk was holding me back from entrepreneurship and life goals. I had to let this fear go and walk by faith. Here I am today the owner of Sprinkles of Danni and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Read more>>

MíAysia Strong | Artist, Muse, Mí

I think about risk as an opportunity. Usually, when you have to take risks, there’s something bigger waiting on the other side that’s SO worth it. The biggest risk I take everyday is continuing to bet on myself. I had to risk my livelihood to start my own business, but the reward of having something I could call my own, working for myself, and the financial freedom in the long run was bigger. It might take some time and hard work, but that’s how bad I want that for myself. Read more>>

Rakeem Harriott | Producer/ Personal Assistant

Taking calculated risks has played a major part in my ability to excel and grow in my career. As a personal assistant for a RHOA cast member, it takes an extreme level of confidence in what I am doing to be able to effectively coordinate someone else’s life as well as execute my own personal ventures . I started as a production assistant, and my persistence as well as my character put me in the necessary space to be able to showcase my talents and have my name in rooms that I hadn’t opened yet. Read more>>

Jovana Anic | UX/UI designer, Creative Lead

Risk is one of the crucial factors in my personal and professional life. When I think about the risk I always have in mind how to use it in my advantage. Risk always pays off when we consider it a positive thing. For me, risk can only bring me positive things-a success or a lesson learned, that is why I am never afraid to take a risk, still haven’t regretted that philosophy. Read more>>

Michael Sutton | DJ MO DRINX

5 years ago I took a leap of faith…..didn’t consider this being a risk because I could always go back to Detroit and do the same stuff I was already doing……this leap of faith is the best decision I e ever made! I left Detroit with a suitcase and $500 to my name……I only knew one person in Houston! My friend of over 20 years opened his home to me for this leap even though he was married at the time and most men would have an issue with making a decision as such……I met my wife a couple weeks after arriving in Houston and she’s been an awesome edition to my life…..I’ve ended up working my way into being a decently know DJ…..met some awesome people….DJ’n for Astros playoff games and World Series to producing a beat on the monumental album Soundtrack To The Revolution…….Houston saved my life! I really believe the best people in the world live in Houston! Read more>>

Micah Barbee | Nurse Entrepreneur

When I hear the phrase “Risk Taking” I automatically translate it into stepping out on faith. Although taking risk does not always yield a favorable result, sometimes that outcome we weren’t wishing for is just what we needed. If everything worked out in our favor every time, there would be no need for work ethic, there would be lack of passion, motivation and drive. These are the key components we need to reach your version of success. Starting this business was a huge risk for me. I came into a new city with little connections, trying to first educate consumers on what is that I am doing on top of making sure they know this is what they need to help improve their health and wellness goals. Read more>>

Hossein Mohagheghian | Emergency Medicine Physician

Life is all about making decisions and weighing the risks and benefits. You can not find success or happiness without taking risks. With that said, an individual has the the weigh the potential benefits versus possible detriment regarding a decision, action, etc. My father taught me: when making a decision consider the benefits and detriment. If the ideal reward outweighs the possible adverse outcome then do it no matter what. Read more>>

Shelby Simon | Hair Stylist

I have always been a risk taker. I feel that a lot of people look at risk as something that should be feared. I believe that taking risks only allows for one to experience things they would not experience if they did not take that chance. After I graduated from high school I played it safe and stayed home while others went off to college. A year later I took a risk and applied to Blinn in College Station In their nursing program. Four years later I realized that I was not happy in my life and wanted to make some changes. Read more>>

Kali Jefferson | Freelance Makeup Artist

The way that risk taking has played a role in my career as a Makeup Artist, is never confining myself or my artistry into one box. I always try to take calculated risks, follow my intuition, and also put my trust in God in all my workings. This makes the risks I take end up just naturally flowing as if they were carefully curated in the first place. I enjoy taking risks in my career because it allows room to do something unique that has never been done before, thus leaving the world in a more beautiful state than I found it. Read more>>

Roberto Rodriguez | General Contractor, Bathroom & Kitchen remodeling specialist

I define risk as a leap of faith into the unknown. Pursuing something you do not have full control of but knowing that in the process, you’ll be encountering challenges that will push you to get out your comfort zone and upgrade your mind, attitude, and skills. No matter the outcome, there’s always one thing that is for sure when taking risks, and that is gaining experience! Which to me is a priceless perk that comes with taking risks. Without taking risks, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Read more>>

Krystle Barrington | Author, Freelance Writer, and Content Creator

Oddly enough for most of myself I have not been a risk taker. In recent years I’ve discovered the hard way that taking risks is required if I want to truly evolve as a creative person. Stepping into the unknown can be difficult and somewhat scary but without taking leaps of faith, we won’t ever discover our full potential. These days I am willing to bet on myself and invest in myself. This wasn’t an overnight process but something I realized I had to change in order to truly walk in my purpose and see my dreams come to reality. I don’t just want to be a dreamer and not a doer, so these days I’m intentionally pursing my goals with an open mind, knowing full well no harm will ever come out of at least trying. Read more>>

Jessica Acuña | Photographer & Owner of My True Savage Co

Taking risks has played a major role in my overall life and career. At 18, I decided to leave the nest and never look back. At 25, I decided to move across the country to California because I hated the cold in NJ and I wanted better opportunities. At 28, my job relocated me to Austin, TX and I’ve never visited Austin a day in my life. I have launched 2 businesses that I’m very passionate about! An online clothing boutique and photography. Read more>>