Starting and growing a business is hard, but often deciding to start the business in the first place is even harder. We asked some successful entrepreneurs from around the community to open up to us about how they thought about starting a business.

Charis Johnson | Retired Firefighter now a real estate agent

First and foremost being in charge of my life, able to make decisions based on my needs. I enjoy being able to pick and choose the days I want to work, it allows me to be present for my family. Read more>>

Gloria Peterson | Salon Owner & Eyelash Extension Specialist

Amidst the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, I found myself at a crossroads in my life. Despite having just graduated, the company I was supposed to start working for did not align with my values and goals. After seven months of experiencing burnout, I decided to take a step back and consider pursuing a master’s degree while also exploring my passion for mental health through entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Shea Donaldson | Lifestyle Photographer

Back in 2021, I started my business, Shea Morgan Photography. I knew I had loved photography since the first day I had picked up a camera. I started my business because I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and to have a business of my own. I was immediately captivated by the joy, confidence, and smiles that I had given to my clients by capturing their best self. I am always striving to capture the happiness of others and to give them memories to hold onto for a lifetime. Read more>>

Courtnie-Anne Quinlan | Wedding Officiant

A close friend asked me to officiate her wedding many years ago. Customizing her special day was exciting and fun! I started From This Day On because I love seeing other people happy and in love and want to make sure they have the most magical day as possible. Read more>>

Christian Bessey | Co-Founder of Summerfield Candle Co.

I started my first business when I was still in college. I worked as an intern at a small digital marketing agency and quickly took notice to how easily I would be able to replicate the way the business owner operated the agency. I left that agency and started my own after about 2 months. Read more>>

Design James | Prophetic Designer & Philanthropist

My thought process was simple. To make the money I want to make to do for myself, my family, and the world that I want to do…only through my own business can I do that. Winning the lotto ain’t even enough after taxes lol. I knew I was creative enough to design my own brands. Read more>>

Jenna You | Owner & Esthetician

The owner, Jenna You, is well-invested in beauty industry since 2022 with the experience of owning a nail salon in Uptown, NY, for more than 8 years and started her skin care career in Florida. ​
In 2023, joining force with her business partner Yuki You, Besties Nail & Facial is then established. Read more>>

Gloria Peterson | Salon Owner & Eyelash Extension Specialist

I’ve always had a entrepreneurial spirit. So while getting my lashes done, a thought came in….”I can do this”! This would be perfect for me! I love beauty and I love women, not to mention I make my own schedule and I’m in control of my money flow. Lash By Lash was created with women in mind. To collectively make every woman feel beautiful while enhancing their beauty with eyelash extensions. Read more>>