Starting a business can be terrifying. Weighing the pros and cons, the risks, and other considerations can be so overwhelming that often promising entrepreneurs stop before they even start. We asked some phenomenal entrepreneurs about their thought process behind starting their own businesses. Our hope is that by making the thought-process less intimidating we can help more folks think through whether they should take an entrepreneurial leap.

Lisa Jimmerson | Credit Consultant & Founder of Non-profit Ministry

I wanted to provide a service that would help those who need help. My credit restoration company, Realty Prepared Credit Services, LLC. was designed to help 1st time home buyers achieve the credit scores they need to purchase a home. It also helps realtors sell more homes, instead of having to turn clients away. Read more>>

Marcela Perez | Chef Owner / Caterer at Chef Marcela’s Kitchen

Set a strong foundation to my daughter, Valentina Bloom. My purpose is to show her how strong we are as women by creating opportunities to ourselves and for others. I love being my own boss and sharing my healthy eating habits through my cactus chips and cactus tortillas. Read more>>

Steven Jones | Serial Entrepreneur

My thought process behind becoming a entrepreneur was living life on my own terms doing some of things I actually loved doing and turning them into business concepts that paid well with a end goal to leave a legacy behind. I grew up watching my single mom work multiple jobs to provide for her four kids. Read more>>

Jada Watts | Owner & Founder

The thought process behind the brand was to help women feel confident in the gym and feeling Unrecognizable in the activewear. I also implemented a community into the brand so women know they are not alone on their fitness journey. Read more>>

Kimberly Amaya | Photographer and Artist

It was definitely something very scary to think about ! I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur . Falling in love with photography I really wanted to make something out of it like having my own business . It was a long process and I am still learning from my mistakes everyday , since it does comes with a lot challenges .but the passion I have for it makes me keep going . Read more>>