Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Kim Ngan Huynh | Event Stylist

I’ve always had a heart for creative designs and styling florals. During my residency for Nuclear Medicine Technologist Program at my medical school and seeing critically ill patients everyday. I was extremely stressful and sadden me day after day. I knew that lifestyle wasn’t for me and decided to pursue my passion “Creating designs that bring happiness tears”. At first, I was creating designs for friends and families to enjoy this new lifestyle that I have been passionate about. Toward the end of 2019, Read more>>

Kayla Lassetter | Digital Marketer

Growing up I always had the thought that I’d do really well in school, graduate, go to college, graduate from there, & then work my way up the corporate ladder at some 9-5 job & then that would be my every day life. At one point I was fine with that, but as time went on my depression was getting worse & I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck at some job that didn’t care about ME. Read more>>

Ken Mills | Comedian | Talk Show Host | Entrepeneur | Community Advocate

My love and passion for Comedy led me to the stage. As I began to perform, I saw the limitless opportunities to bring my gift to the masses. The first order was to identify a path to produce live comedy shows. The idea was to bring my unique perspective and affinity for both comedy and music. The first venue that I secured came after a stellar performance in which the owner believed in my gift. Afterward, a lucrative offer was presented. This was in 2020 right before the pandemic. We made the necessary and safe adjustments which led to 10 successful monthly shows which showcased the best in Houston comedy. Read more>>

Shenita Outland | Pharmacist, Entrepreneur & Certified Travel Advisor

I’ve always had an artsy/creative side. It’s the perfect contrast to my full-time medical career. Growing up, despite exceling in math and science, I was a dancer, ballerina & pianist at heart. Now that I’m older, I find freedom and my creative outlet in traveling and curating travel experiences for others. It all started off with my own personal travels, then I started blogging about it since I always got so many questions about my vacations. Read more>>

Jailah Heard | Fashion Designer & Owner “That Gworl” Empire

My thought process behind starting my business was to focus on young women like me who want to start their own business or do something that they truly love. “That Gworl” is a girl who loves herself and focused on her dreams, she works hard for everything she wants and is her own boss. I was inspired by my favorite Youtuber “Kirah Ominique” who uses this term alot. She has inspired me in so many ways and is also one of the reasons I started my business because I’ve watched her grow from when she first started her journey until now and she has came a long. Read more>>

Kynterra McQune | Business Owner & Podcaster

I knew from the moment I came up with the idea of having a business that I wanted it to be different. I like in New York, and majority of the young women does the same thing; hair, lashes, and nails. Which is amazing but I wanted to put me inside of my business, and not just follow the cycle. I started with pillows, phone cases, and shirts. I didn’t see anybody making pillows or phone cases, so I took that Idea and had to question myself “who’s going to buy this?” In that moment I knew it and said “college students”. Before my website was up I sold 4 pillows and 1 phone case, and that’s when I knew that I needed to stay focus on the main idea to just put my personality and just me inside TheCrashSzn. Read more>>

Monica Willis | Food Enthusiast & Entrepreneur

I’ve always been in sales, selling some sort of product or service and always excelled at it. The pandemic hit, offices closed, the company I worked for reduced our salary. I had to find a way to make up the income. I naturally gravitated to what I enjoy and love and that’s cooking. BUT, I wanted to do something a little different and came up with the idea personalized brunch boards and boxes because everyone loves BRUNCH! I had a tasting with family and friends and it just took off from there! Read more>>

Mikayla Edgeworth | Traveling Branding & Lifestyle Photographer | Owner of Through M.E Lens

After graduating college with a degree in Media and TV Production, I was eager to start working in my field. I soonly realized that the unspoken journey of post-graduate life was a lot harder to maneuver than expected. Between navigating trying to find work, being rejected, to landing what I thought was my dream job, I realized that I was putting too much reliance on my worth into the hands of people who either wouldn’t give me a chance or couldn’t see the value and talents in me that I know I possess. I realized that I must take matters into my own hands, create what I wanted to see, and B.O.M ( Bet On Myself). Read more>>

Scott Bishop | Executive Director of Wealth Solutions at Avidian Wealth Solutions

When I started in the financial planning business back in 1998, I saw how it worked in large firms in terms of the bureaucracy and the types of services they wanted you to offer and how they wanted you to do it. Early in my career, that was good training, but as I grew in both maturity and experience, I really wanted to be able to better use my business (MBA), tax (CPA) and financial planning skills (CFP) to help clients in a more comprehensive manner. Read more>>

Doreen Clark | Salon Owner/Stylist & Cranial Prosthesis Specialist

Self sufficient! I wanted to have flexibility in my life. Starting my business was the catalyst to get me there. I own a Boutique Style Salon. We cater to professional working women/ mothers who need a place to unwind & relax. I wanted to create a space for educating and empowering women. Read more>>

Elizabeth , Maria , Mirna Delgado & Hinojosa | Business | NRCMA

We wanted to start a business we’re we can spend time together as a family as we are sisters and sister in laws. Decided to start a new year with a new hobby . Our thought process was about being able to be creative and learning new techniques to improve and grow more without expectations. We set our minds to it and knew from the beginning that it wasn’t going be easy. What started off as just something we were doing only for one day for Valentines Day 2 Years ago lead us to where we are now. Read more>>

Lariza McBean-Martinez | Owner & Healthcare, Business Development and Innovations Consultant

Starting my own business was not something I thought I would be establishing and implementing in 2021; however, I believed in my product and wanted others to experience it. The love I have for coffee was one of the drivers in creating Kulture Koffee. The traumatic car accident during the pandemic (2020); which, left me with spinal nerve damage and with mobility issues was another. These main two drives in addition to several other ones molded my thought process in the development of my brand and small business. Read more>>

Irina Sednev | Worldwide brow champion, brow artist, trainer and international judge. Owner of Airen Brow Bar.

What is one piece of conventional advice that you disagree with? I totally disagree with the idea that if you chose some profession, put a lot of effort into it and unhappy with your choice you need to stick to it. I remember the day when I decided to quit a very prestigious job and start doing what I love. Almost all the people around me advised me not to do this and stay in that unloved, but a stable job. But I didn’t listen to them and did it in my way. Now I have my own business that makes not only me happy but also other people. So always follow your desires and dreams! Never betray yourself and your wishes come true! Read more>>

Carrie Brummer | Artist and Art Educator

I was always going to make art, it’s part of who I am, so why not find ways to earn some money from it, too! Read more>>

Danielle Perea | Director of Digital & Brand Strategy

I’ve always wanted to be that self-made woman. Independent, carefree, and on her own time–that’s the woman I wanted to be. Working in Corporate America opened my eyes to the disparities between men and women, especially in income and treatment. I wanted to change that narrative for myself. I knew that I was so much more than a desk in an office in a building. I wanted to build my dream life from the very bottom. The first business I launched is my eco-fashion boutique LA BOHEME COLLECTIVE, focused on bringing sustainable fashion from global small batch vendors and artisans to affordability. Read more>>

DaWanda Albright | Hookah Specialist

My thought process behind starting my own business was and is breaking generational curses. Growing up my parents taught my siblings and I how to take care of business but never showed us how to buy a house, how to start a business, or even save money. They always told us to do those things when we got older but it was never taught how to. I want my children to have something to fall on and learn how to start their own business and know about generational wealth! Read more>>

Tammi Wallace | Co-Founder, President & CEO

I co-founded the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce because I saw a gap in terms of LGBTQ+ business owners having a voice locally and regionally. In terms of economic development, the LGBTQ+ business community is a part of the economic fabric of Houston and the region, however, there was no organization bringing these businesses together. The LGBTQ+ business community now has a “seat at the table” which means not only representation but advocacy for the issues that these business owners care about. Read more>>

DeNeka C. Dove . | Licensed Cosmetologist

Be coming a salon owner seemed scary, but if it didn’t scare me enough, I don’t think my dream was big enough. Having the skills to create amazing hairstyles and skincare services in my own space was a major goal of mine. The atmosphere I desired for my clients was a place to relax, some privacy from big salon spaces and a place to enjoy one on one attention to their needs. Read more>>

Leah Jacobs | DEI and Brand Identity Strategist

My love for people. I enjoy learning about different perspectives and helping businesses with visibility. Read more>>

Tyana Golden | Owner

My thought process behind starting my own business is I want to do something that I am passionate about, and will show my kids that what you love can actually get you somewhere in life. Read more>>

Jasmine Bookert | Founder of Dr. Diagnosis, Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, & Host of The Breakdown with Dr. Diagnosis Podcast

I’ve pondered for years about starting my own business. As a physician we are not taught about business in medical school. In my specialty the majority of physicians work as independent contractors or with a group. The pandemic really pushed me to pursue my own business. When the pandemic started my hours were cut and my hourly wage was decreased significantly. Now I know I was in a better position than most people, but I realized that I was expendable. I knew I needed a change for myself and my family. I didn’t want to be solely dependent on a company for my financial needs. Read more>>

Shanequa Joseph | CEO/Founder

This is a great question. My thought process behind starting the organization dates back to when I was a kid. I always wanted to be a humanitarian, I adored Michael Jackson because of his talent and how much he loved the people in the world. Where I am from and the side of town I am from, does not have access to resources for success after graduating high school. Read more>>