Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Angelina Yannuzzi | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

I never dreamed that this would be my life one day! In college, the idea of even photographing a wedding – let alone photographing them for a living – was nowhere on my radar. At the time, I had a beginner camera, two kit lenses, zero understanding on how to operate a camera, and no one to take pictures for. While I was nearing the end of my college career, the two certain things I knew would happen included getting married and moving to Houston. As a Christian, I naturally turned to the One who would guide me best. Read more>>

Mary Zambello | Small Business Owner + Maker + Designer

Five years ago, my husband and I often enjoyed fires in our backyard, using pallets and other reclaimed wood that we found laying around. One day, my husband had the idea of using a jig saw to cut up some of the wood to make the state of Maine. We loved the idea of using all reclaimed wood to create signs and home décor to share our love for the Pine Tree State. As ideas continued to flow, the hobby slowly morphed into a side business. Read more>>

Phyllis Denise | Permanent Makeup Artist I Business & Marketing Consultant

Prior to starting my own business, I was an Accounting and Finance professional in the entertainment industry, namely a concert accountant. The industry was ever evolving and dynamic with a lack of work life balance – I knew that starting my own business would allow for the autonomy and flexibility I desired long term. That thought process was the start but it was certainly not the end. I was able to hone in on what I enjoyed and what avenue I could bring passion and joy I could bring to others, Read more>>

Brianna Williams | News Producer/Creative Media Mogul

I wanted something that would appeal to creatives in media. So any aspect that of that I wanted to cater too. I also love highlighting black creatives who are making a difference in their field. Read more>>

Geronima Vega-Fernandez | Local Houston Photographer

Never in my mind thought I was going to start my own business. I had lean on Photography as a hobby and lead to developing a special interest since I was in my High School years during my sophomore year. With time, I noticed that I did not want to stop and put the camera down. Literally, I wanted to get more involved with school events and family events and, even though I didn’t know what I was doing, Read more>>

Namita Asthana | Chef Owned Wine Tasting Room

I am my best when I can present my creative nature as a solution. In 2011, there was a need in the family to regroup and focus on health and well being. The dietary path to wellbeing was something I could nurture and I did. I came up with easy simmer starter sauces that helped us get back on track to healthy eating. Showcasing them in the newly started Sugar Land Farmers Market, taught me that the community needed that support too.. Read more>>

Karen Jane Pierce | Branded Apparel Designer and Promotional Product Distributor

Starting my business happened organically. After my son was born, I was a stay at home Mom and involved in school activities, church camps, races and fitness classes. Participating within these local communities, I discovered a niche that I could fill by designing apparel that promoted each groups’ activities. The connections I made socially during that time became my customers. Read more>>

Melissa Watson | Business Owner

The thought process behind starting my business was 1st being a single mother of five, I wanted to give my kids a better life, also being able to pour into their dreams! Being able to have financial freedom, leaving wealth for my great grandchildren. That was my thought process behind starting my business.. Read more>>

Brandon Jenkins | Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Content Creator

This started as an opportunity for me to be authentically myself and solidify myself as a creative, I wanted to construct a space for men to gain inspiration from clothing. When building my brand I knew that I wanted to target primarily black men in educational settings where the expectation of apparel is very black and white. I wanted to introduce new styling components and inspiration for black men to freely express themselves in academic settings with fashion. Although that idea is much broader now with my brand influencing various men of different nationalities, it started off as a refuge for black men with an affinity for fashion. Read more>>

Kish Brooks | The Relationship Girl

It all started with Hinge and a failed situationship! I got tired of mediocre conversations on dating apps that led nowhere and, I also realized that I’d spent the past 4 years with someone and didn’t really know them. The thought was 1) How can I entertain myself on these dating apps and make genuine connections and 2) How do I make the difficult conversations with “my person” easier to navigate. Read more>>

Havannah DaVinci | Barber Stylist

My Thought Process behind starting my own business, was to bring my own identity into my business. I’ve always work for other inspiring business owners that always told me to stay true to who I am. Being in the barber industry, has helped me realize that starting a business as an entrepreneur is supposed to push me to go harder. Read more>>

Alexandrea Smith | Abeautycosmetics | Professional makeup artist | cosmetologist | lash artist |

My thought process behind starting my business was very scary , I was unsure and always had the “what if’s “ and honestly I’m so glad I took that leap of faith because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be where I am today.💖 Read more>>

Carolyn Nguyen | Clear Space HTX Founder & Professional Organizer

I was a part of the massive tech layoffs. I had been applying for jobs for over a week and felt so tired and burnt out. During this time, I decided to reorganize my home and started tearing apart my storage closet and pantry. After I had finished, I felt refreshed and happy with my productivity and what I had created in my home. I realized that I could do this for others and help them organize their homes as well. I know what it’s like to be busy and have no time to declutter your space. I had decided then and there to create an affordable service to help others organize their spaces. Read more>>