We have the honor and good fortune of speaking with hundreds of brilliant leaders and creators every week and we are consistently amazed by how so many of them have overcome what most would consider insurmountable odds. We asked some of them for advice and have highlighted some of those gems of wisdom below.

Daphine Bush | Content Creator/Trend Forecaster

When I think about all that has transpired in my life and all that I was able to overcome, I can tell anyone facing hardship that there IS light at the end of the tunnel! Never give up!!! If you can find just ONE person who has overcome something you are facing…and I’m sure you can, then YOU can overcome! You can find remnants of hope in the victories of those what walked this path before you. I’ve learned going through life that with every single opposition there is ALWAYS a built in blessing or opportunity! Read more>>

Cindy Pruitt | Digital Marketer, Music Producer/Engineer

My advise for overcoming insurmmountable odds would be to focus on the smaller steps that can get you past the situation, whatever that may be. Looking at the problem as a whole can be overwhelming and discouraging, but if you break it down into easier to manage steps you can see it’s possible to succeed. I’ve always liked the old saying “How do you eat a whale?”…”One bite at a time!” Break it down and give yourself micro goals that you can get hyper focused on, and just knock them out one small step at a time. Read more>>

Jay Thriver | Rapper | Engineer | Music Producer

I would tell them to keep pushing forward in the hope of a better tomorrow. Because it has to get better eventually. Storms don’t last, the sun will shine again. And that’s for, in any situation. Pain and struggle are just a part in the story, it’s not the ending, but just that small beginning. And Just to take a deep breath and push forward in confidence knowing God is going to work it all out because he’s a Conductor. Read more>>

Whitney Cabeen | Small Business Owner

The advice I would give is that you have to keep going, no matter what. I know it sounds cliche and you have probably heard it hundreds of times, but it is the best advice, ever! If you are hitting obstacles left and right, or if you are hit with one big obstacle, if you give up, you wasted all of the time, money, effort that you put into your business, into yourself. You need to keep going: come up with ideas to get thou through the situation. For example, if you own a brick & mortar store and it was shut during the Covid-19 pandemic, shift to 100% online sales, advertise solely online, use Facebook & Instagram, etc. Read more>>